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  1. I guess the best scale being the full moon there
  2. i think i'll shell out for the 6mm WO - i too was having concerns over too much power with the 5mm BST - it would push it up to 180x and i think even though within the limits of normal seeing and my scope, it would not be used as much. Anyway, yes i think the WO looks good
  3. oh and one more to add - the bst 5mm starguider to go with my 18mm which i am hugely fond of and thanks lestergibson, that's one i've read through once or twice and feel none the wiser - the two seem roughly equal, give or take
  4. I'm using an xbox cam at prime focus with my explorer 130M but can't seem to get any detail on jupiter - it is either under or over exposed and i'm never sure if it is in focus. I'm using sharpcap where i have setings over exposure, gain, white balance, gamma, etc. Does anyone have experience with this camera, and/or have settings they recommend or any advice? thanks Joe
  5. how do these compare? I've heard great things about both, but if anyone has experience of both together, then any advice would be much appreciated thanks, Joe
  6. Alligning the red dot you have should be the best thing - just point it at a building a few miles away and adjust until the red dot is on that, and the building is in the centre of the fov through your eyepiece. start with low power then build it up, then the alignment can be improved at night on jupiter. Failing this, replacing the finder with a telrad or a proper finder scope for £30 to £50 should help - though a well aligned red dot would be better, then just put that £50 pounds or so on to nice eyepieces or a solar filter or something ;-)
  7. would you opt for the spl over the baader classic ortho?
  8. I'm definitely looking at the classic ortho's would they be better than bst starguiders for planetary work?
  9. It's probably been asked to death, but for planetary what's the best bet for under £70 or so? My scope is 900mm focal length, 130mm aperture, F7 ish. I've heard good things about the vixen NPL, celestron X-Cel and the BST's as well as the baader ortho's. The Focal lengths i would be looking at are in the range of 5mm-8mm and eye relief isn't really an issue as i'm only 17 and have good eyes (as of yet ). Are all these good to go for, and how would they all compare? regards, Joe
  10. James, I believe it is the latter - there was a brightness setting available and did very little. i tried using the dust covers lid and the camera just upped the gain automatically, annoyingly as, as i put the lid on, bands were briefly visible before the camera adjusted its self and they were no longer visible. Is there a cheap webcam that'll work? i don't really have the budget for the philips webcams which seem to go for over 100 pounds a pop. thanks, Joe
  11. just a note for the future with imaging - you'll need an equatorial mount with a good motor drive, where those alone will cost a few hundred, then there's the tube on top. That's needed for long exposure stuff, but a basic mount and drive like mine is suitable for webcam stuff when the exposure is well under a second happy viewing, clear skies
  12. i'll try using the dustcap hole is all else fails
  13. Using sharpcap with an unbranded camera Sent from my C6603 using Tapatalk
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