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  1. Ahh the one you stole from the kids . I was going to suggest painting it white to reflect heat but it will be difficult with the roof. Do you have permanent electrics ? Maybe a substantial extractor fan high up would help. Brett
  2. Whats your obsy made with luke ?
  3. I will second what merlin has said I have 2 x 32ah gel batteries and never have any problems. Yes it can be expensive initially but you will get years of service. Brett
  4. This should help http://www.skywatchertelescope.net/swtsupport/Instruction_Manuals/GT020609V3-03.05.pdf . Brett
  5. Hi Snoop, what program are you wanting to use to control the mount via Ascom. If your using stellarium then the new version has mount control built in. Brett
  6. Cool down time is important, allow at least 30 mins before using the scope. This can be sped up by attaching a fan to the back. Brett
  7. Its scary I know, I realised mine had problems when I went into the shed to find it leant against the wall . Thankfully the OTA was horizontal on the mount pointing in the direction of the dodgy leg otherwise it might have been a different story:icon_confused:. Brett
  8. Ive just double checked and including the mount it will be 33" high:)
  9. To achieve 2ft spacing you will need the legs fully retracted and this will give you approx 26" height to the top of the tripod head minus the AZ Mount. Don't worry about my alignment I don't have a permanent obsy. Brett
  10. Hi Shane, the distance between each foot is 1m:) Brett
  11. Just found this Solar System Objects - Stellarium
  12. I only know of this site Heavens-Above Home Page . It shows a few comets brighter than Mag 12:)
  13. Hi Martin, its not the prettiest fix in the world but I use a hose clip to prevent the inner leg slipping up the tube. I have tried the super glue method which is ok-ish but not reliable enough for me, maybe a 2 pack epoxy resin would be a better fix. With regards to the mounts stability have you tried to pinch up the three allen key bolts on the tripod head ? Brett
  14. LOL I love it when a thread goes off subject, only when its fun of course
  15. Hi Grumpy, I have the Skywatcher 130p that Peter mentioned and can confirm that both are very good starter scopes, you wont be disappointed. If you download a program called stellarium Stellarium its a program that will give you real time views of the skies in your location, best of all its free Brett
  16. Thanks for clarifying that great bear:), I was slightly offended by your comment but now I fully understand the reasons behind it. The reason I don't use a credit card is due to the debts I stupidly accumulated in my younger years 18-25 and the pain I endured to paying my debts off, many years of which was just interest payments. Thanks Again Brett:)
  17. That's a strong statement to make:mad: I don't have an internationally recognised credit card because I don't want one, I have no room for debt in my life and wish never to have any. Could I just ask you to clarify why you think its weird not to have a credit card and why we should be viewed with suspicion ? Brett
  18. Hi Steve, Hopefully I can Help you Firstly are you entering the date correctly as MM/DD/YYYY, its a mistake I made when I first got the AZ goto. Time settings need to be +0.00 and DST to yes and just in-case check the utility menu/show position and make sure that the ALT axis displayed on the handset is the same as the angle setting on the mount. The Alt axis can be moved manually if needs be to match the controller values, I believe it slips to prevent damage if the OTA and tripod make contact. There`s also a program called Stellarium Stellarium which will help a long way towards learning the sky and identifying alignment stars. Brett
  19. Hi Sic I use a neximage which is fine for planetary and lunar work. However its no good for long exposure unless its modded. Brett
  20. Ive just noticed stellarium 0.10.5 is being released within a week. SourceForge.net: Stellarium: Topic: Garbled text and missing letters from 0.10.4 Brett
  21. Maybe its the power of the laser, I have a <50mW and get a beam but only once its warmed up. Try keeping the laser in your pocket for 20mins or so and then try it Brett
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