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  1. 25th December 1976...............presents only once a year
  2. Well the mounts with them now, I took a drive there today 113 miles. I was cheaper to do that than pay royal mail £26. Brett
  3. Thanks Peter, I'm just waiting to hear from OVL I think they're going to sort it for me FOC as its already been in once and only been used 10-15 times at the most in the two years I've had it from new. It's amazing what a strong but kind worded email can do to get you out of strife. Brett
  4. Good morning all I need some help My az goto mount popped last night after plugging my power lead in. I've done it many many times before without a problem but for some reason something went wrong and it blew the motherboard. I use a 12v tip positive 2000mah adapter for the mount and also a 7ah powerpack for when I'm not at home or cant find the extension lead. Is the motherboard something I can purchase from somewhere or do I have a mount that will no longer function. I have written to OVL in the hope they can help, what makes things worse is that I was about to strike a deal with someone to sell my mount Thanks Brett
  5. If im thinking of the same shop then i`ve had a very similar experience myself. Was it on Dorset street by any chance ? Brett
  6. SynScan AZ-Mode Firmware (Ver.03.07) Release Note Date: Aug. 10, 2009 =============================================================== 1. Improve the initial setup of the system -- The telescope no longer needs to be level and pointed to the North as its initial position in order to accurately perform the star alignment procedure. 2. Fix bug in the SAO catalog: -- Problem: The hand control loses directional controls of the telescope after browsing the SAO catalog or entering a SAO number. Solution: The directional keys are automatically activated after the user exits from the SAO catalog.
  7. Update to version 3.07 it will fix the problem TELESCOPE SUPPLIERS - SKY-WATCHER TELESCOPE Brett
  8. I'm not to sure if you can type it in, I've not tried. You can go to the utilities menu/show position and go from there using the direction keys. Have you tried Stellarium its a free download and one of the best free planetarium programs IMHO it also has the capability of controlling your mount providing you have a serial port, if not you can get one of these Astronomiser - Automated Astronomy and AstroImaging Solutions which is what I use Brett
  9. Look like tonight might be good Enjoy your scope, you will be amazed at what you see. Just a few tips to help you with setting up. Date format is MM/DD/YYYY Time format is 24hr Time Zone +0.00 DST = No I use Lat - Long Finder: This page helps you find Latitude and Longitude to find my location. Just zoom in on the map and centre your location to the flashing pixel and the results will be shown underneath. Enjoy Brett
  10. Where I live there is always a super bright spot in the sky about the width of four moons. Its not visible on a clear night but noticeable with the slightest fog or cloud and is a bright white colour unlike the bright orange LP surrounding it. I often wonder if its anything to do with the array of dishes and antennas on top of our local hospital which sits directly under the glow.
  11. Hi Scott, the az goto requires supply of 12v 2 amps and centre pin positive
  12. Is the screen still illuminated ? If the warranty is out then it might be worth opening up and checking to see if the ribbon is still stuck down on the screen. There is a chance that damp has got in and lifted the adhesive if this is the case then some gentle heat and pressure on the joint may fix the problem.
  13. Hi Malcolm Stellarium is a good start, its a planetarium program with telescope control. Another is cartes du ciel start [skychart] but I have no experience with this so i`m not sure of telescope control. For the neximage I use Sharpcap for video capture https://sites.google.com/site/rwgastro/sharpcap and Registax for stacking images RegiStax- Free image processing software .
  14. I forgot to mention they hold meetings at Ruislip Lido.
  15. Hi Chris there is West of London astronomical society Wolas Home page they are approximately 11 miles from you. I intend to go myself this year at some point to see what its all about as I only live in Uxbridge so its not to far.
  16. Hi Donkeiller, The 3.27 firmware is for the EQ mount which will be no good for the AZ mount. Here is the page for your mount TELESCOPE SUPPLIERS - SKY-WATCHER TELESCOPE . You are up to date with the 3.07 firmware and dont worry about being sold old stock as this a recent-ish release.
  17. The mount will track well as long as the initial alignment is carried out accurately. During alignment I start with a 25mm ep to locate the object then a 9mm ep to center the object. Brett
  18. Do you have a link for the vid ? The synscan can move up or down manually but this is only to prevent damage to the mount if the OTA strikes the tripod during slewing. Hope this helps Brett
  19. It was a stupid mistake, I was replacing the belt and put my hands down the back to feed it onto the drum only to make contact with the capacitor
  20. I hardly observed during 2010, in fact my telescope tripod still has cobwebs on it . I promise to make more effort this year..........Honest
  21. No astro related injuries but I once made contact with the wrong side of a washing machine capacitor during a service, 450v does alot of damage !!!
  22. It might not be much help to you but I was involved in a thread a while ago regarding a replacement cable for a sky-watcher. http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-help/100609-synscan-alt-az-cable.html . This will only help if your willing to make up a cable. Brett
  23. Ah I didn't realize you were in Oz.........my apologies Astronomiser will post outside of the UK/EU so its worth a try if your not desperate for a quick delivery. Just for reference royal mail UK will ship a package of no more than 300g to Australia for £4.47p.
  24. Hi Midman not all usb-rs232 will work unfortunately, may I suggest that you order from Astronomiser - Automated Astronomy and AstroImaging Solutions . I ordered mine from here and it works fine. Unfortunatly I have no experiance of usb extention so cant answer your last question. Brett
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