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  1. Hi Jim and welcome to SGL
  2. Little Big Planet


    Welcome to SGL James, you can put a link to your flickr page in your signature box so it appears below every post and comment you make. Like below I have my name and scope. Thanks
  3. Hello and welcome to SGL if you wish to learn your way around the night sky look into buying the book TURN LEFT AT ORION. Happy stargazing
  4. Hello Deckerz, You will get all the info and help you need on this site it is full of very knowledgeable and friendly people. Also have a good read of the posts by fellow members. And if you would like something to read and look at on cloudy nights to help you find your way around the night sky look into buying the book TURN LEFT AT ORION. Highly recommended
  5. Credit to staff member RikM who posted this to me. hope the link and this pic help you out as they did me.. thanks
  6. forgot the link. ooooooops http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/196278-what-can-i-expect-to-see/
  7. Here's a link to a post by a member of SGL of what you can expect to see through the smaller scopes.. Also i will post images of nebula with and without filters being used and again credit goes to the original posters of these links.
  8. Been checking my weather app for Egypt everyday for the past 2 weeks clear skies 24/7.... Checked tonight and our second day there it says cloud for 5 days So the UK skies will be clear next week folks as it seem the plane is dragging the cloud with it.
  9. Hi Viv and welcome........back
  10. Little Big Planet


    Hello bob and welcome to SGL
  11. As above, And welcome to SGL
  12. Yes that's plenty of time. May have just been bad seeing conditions although the sky can seem clear there can still be turbulence in the air. More knowledgeable members will help you If the problem persists
  13. May sound daft but did you use your scope indoors? Or if you did use it outdoors did you leave it at least 20 mins to cool down to the outside temp? The blurry sight may be because of heat.
  14. Hi and welcome. Have a look on bbc stargazing live website lots of info for beginners and things you can print off. Happy stargazing
  15. Welcome Nigel. I am also new so can't really advise on much, but be sure to check the forums there is a thread about eyepeices . But my main advice would be not to worry about adding to your scope yet just get used to using it 4 now and enjoy it. I have had some great views of jupiter with my 10mm eyepiece. But I think you have to take in to account that different scopes and eyepieces have a different magnification, NOTE I THINK, I AM A NEWBIE. lol Happy stargazing
  16. Hi David welcome to SGL. This site is full of friendly helpful people be sure to browse the forums to find loads of info and advice.
  17. Hello and welcome to SGL. Amazing members amazing knowledge always willing to help. Enjoy
  18. Love these posts they make me smile. I also don't have anyone in person to share my enthusiasm over the night sky with, although my partner and parents were amazed at the site of Jupiter/4 moons and our moon through my scope the other night. Any how Congratulations on Mars and Saturn i am yet to see them and i cant wait.. AGAIN CONGRATULATIONS
  19. Welcome Michelle. I am +1 for the turn left at Orion book also you may want to look at downloading stellarium to your computer to help you navigate your way around the stars. its free bty. Look forward to your pictures
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