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  1. Looking to offload/sell these reflectors as I've moved to an apartment in London, and they're too big for my circumstances. Skywatcher 130p - great small reflector. Has been in storage for a couple years. In good condition. Comes with EQ2 mount too if desired (tripod got lost in the move! Tripod Now found!) No box. £30 Skywatcher 200pds - excellent reflector scope for imaging on entry level mounts like the the AVX or HEQ5. Comes with mount bracket, rings and and guidescope. In Original box. £150 Buyer must collect from London - E14 area; or arrange for collection. Welc
  2. I second Jim's first suggestion of looking in Astro shops, or going along to an open night with a local astronomy club. As the members there about their scopes, have a look through, and get a general idea of size, weight and ease of set up. If you have an interest in astrophotography, then you're right to be considering EQ mounts; and you're very right to be doing your research before buying. Consider your budget carefully; There is no point in wasting it by buying inferior equipment for your end goal. If AP is your end goal, I advise that you consider carefully what mount you get. When cons
  3. After finding them as a sponsor for the North Essex Astronomy Society's Starfest event, I had a look at their website and came across the Altair Astro GP Mono Camera at what looked like a very reasonable price. I did a little research and found that the price was indeed very reasonable, and decided to place an order at around midday. Payment was very swiftly handled through SagePay, and order was placed. I hadn't checked my emails, and was quite surprised when Nichola (I assume!?) turned up about 8pm that evening to hand deliver the camera. Perhaps the fastest delivery ever! How can one fa
  4. I've never really understood why people care whether Pluto is a planet or a dwarf planet?
  5. It's a little outside the price range I'm looking... I'm looking at selling the 200pds, and can perhaps add a modest amount additional to the proceeds.
  6. I currently have a 200pds; set up on a Celestron AVX. I use a Canon 700d for imaging. To improve my images, I need to get started on guiding, but I think that the AVX struggles slightly with keeping the 200pds steady - adding more weight could cancel out any gains in guiding accuracy. So I'm thinking that I need to size downwards weight and sizewise, as I don't want to upgrade the mount anytime soon. I also am looking at going to CCD imaging at somepoint. I mainly like imaging DSO's. Given the above, any suggestions on what I should consider swapping too?
  7. Distance can make fast moving objects appear to be stationary. Especially if they are flying directly away from you or directly towards you.
  8. Interesting; I might consider this. Though the big question will be which pitches in the red field. The ones at the bottom (pitches 400+) don't have good views of the sky due to trees. The pitch we originally got at the recent Sping Star Party, the sky was about 65-75% obscured by trees, so we managed to get moved to a slightly better pitch, with about 30% obscured.
  9. Hi Luke, I use Magic Lantern; you can use it to specify how many shots to take, exposure time, and delay between shots if you want the sensor to cool. Regards
  10. Hi Shaun, Mersea Island is a nice place to go, get up on the hill by the pillbox and you have a nice view. It's somewhat affected by light pollution though, but better than most places in Essex. Margaret Roding is also a nice site, very dark... recommend taking a look
  11. Looking clear all night on Clearoutside
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