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  1. Great image Sara!-Great dynamic range.- Still keen on APP? - Tony
  2. Great image Rod - shows what you can do even with a full moon!- Tony
  3. No not at all!- swam around quite a bit -but stacking the best showed the seeing was good!
  4. Hi - don't think anyone has mentioned the Tak Mewlon 210- good aperture and low central obstruction so good contrasty views - have got good views of Saturn Jupiter and Mars and great images.
  5. Hi - I use the Sitech program and changed the RA rate in "offset tracking rates" in real time while guiding and then watched the PHD guiding graph behavior - you can quickly make sure all RA adjustments are in both directions and then calculate tic changes from there for subsequent runs- got this advice of the Mesu Yahoo group which is well worth joining. Does affect subsequent calibrations in PHD but you can get where you want to be fairly quickly with trial and error.
  6. Hi - can only endorse above - I think changing tracking rates will not solve this problem-the timing issues were as we have said a very real entity and the new firmware helped my guiding problems a little but in my case after a lot of discussion it was the Sitech controller that was faulty and the mount behaviour was transformed once this was finally replaced-worth bearing in mind-Tony
  7. Very nice Fernando - wish I had access to this in the north! Tony
  8. Great image! -the receding disc dust lanes are excellent and make this a great galaxy - a bit low where I live though-Tony
  9. I agree - light travels in straight lines and this is the one area of the mirror that isn't used because it is obscured by the secondary - even if the optical centre is off this spot the difference is very small so I wouldn't worry too much - just don't touch the rest of the mirror surface-I had a great 8inch mirror with a small side chip - once painted matt black it was optically irrelevant and the mirror was a cracker and performed brilliantly
  10. Hi - this all seems fair but a supplier pointed out that the only way to accurately collimate is with a star test as the optical and geometric centers can be off!- still good to have a geometric center and perhaps a small point but interesting I think- Tony.
  11. tony210


    Hi and welcome - Tony
  12. Hi and welcome - Tony
  13. Hi and welcome- the six inch gives you so much more to explore- Tony
  14. Hi - I think this is accurate - aperture and resolution are inextricably linked and focal length is the fine detail-I am sure this is due to the number of photons captured by larger apertures-still the problem is that seeing limits aperture size a lot- we don't want to resolve the turbulence in our atmosphere too much especially in Sussex! - Tony.
  15. Hi - I would broadly agree with above - collimating fast reflectors will be a lifetime mission also Captain-sorry
  16. Hi Dave -like this very much - mountainous gas - fantastic - Tony.
  17. Hi - I assume you have done rough collimation in daylight and this is your first star test of the scope?- if so, I would gently tweak what you think is the opposite to the eccentricity of the defocused star shape, primary adjustment screw set and see if the in and out of focus star images are more symmetrical or less - then you know which way to go - Tony
  18. Great image Carol ,thanks for sharing - glad you managed to deal with the tilt - something I am SO very aware of!- Tony
  19. Great image -didn't realise this globular subtends such a big angle -obviously a Southern sky gem!- Tony
  20. Hi and welcome - enjoy your new scope!- Tony.
  21. Love this- great detail-lovely monochrome image-Tony.
  22. Hi -I had a Skywatcher 150 achromat refractor but I got fed up with false colour - even on planets at high power so sold it and went for mirror scopes where this is not an issue-Tony
  23. I like RCTs but they do need collimation and attention to ensure they STAY in collimation- however having just migrated up to a 12inch from 8 inch would agree entirely that focal length issues with imaging are paramount - have reduced mine to 1.6m and this needs careful setup and PA also I found the physical size of the 12 inch and its weight (hard to mount single handed on a Mesu ) a real pain - there is little room in my observatory and head injuries and bruises are not uncommon when I try to rush about in the dark - however for all that for high resolution images of galaxies I think they are great - Tony
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