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  1. Beechiller

    Hi all

    Hi welcome to SGL
  2. hi and welcome loads of info here
  3. Beechiller


    welcome to the lounge
  4. What a great post esxste I now have my scope set up correctly
  5. Thanks for the advice. It was indeed the counterweight which had moved and affected the balance.
  6. Just been out with my new revelation ep kit. Had a lot of difficulty with my eq2 mount the scope would not balance if I went above a certain height. Looking for m82 was like looking for a needle in a haystack without goto tech. On the plus side I could make out some banding on Jupiter the revelation ep seemed to be much sharper
  7. Lovely pic. Out of interest how do you know which moon is which?
  8. Welcome to sgl a wealth of info here
  9. that is very good. got the spot and a moon first time
  10. Beechiller

    skyliner 200p

    welcome to the forum
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