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  1. Great read. Travelling home from London on Thursday evening around 8.30pm saw a bright meteor pass through orion. It was really bright got a good luck as my friend was driving.
  2. Managed to view it for the first time this morning really bright in the morning sky. Stunning crescent. Also managed to see saturn for the first time but unable to view mars due to garden trees. Between 6am and 7 am spotted 4 satellites which gave me the wow factor. Overall a really enjoyable morning a little cold though.
  3. More visual at the moment with the celestron only being 4.5mm struggling seeing much detail with Jupiter even with barlow. More interested in deep space where the aperture at the moment only lets you see so much. Will be looking into doing some imaging in the future. Thanks for the replies.
  4. I have decided to upgrade my scope. I have a celestron astromaster 114eq and I am looking towards a skywatcher explorer 150. Any one recommend this or other scopes. Budget around 250 mark or a little higher. Thanks
  5. Was up at 5 this morning mars was behind the trees but managed to view saturn. Also spotted 4 satellites. Got great views of venus before the cold got the better. Hoping to upgrade my scope soon looking towards the skywatcher explorer 150 anyone have any good reports on this scope.
  6. Hi I have a celestron astromaster 114eq with a 20 mm and 10 mm eyepieces. Managed to get out for a hour tonight before cloud rolled in. Had a look at Jupiter and noticed faint banding. How would I achieve better detail through my scope. Also has a look for m42 which I think I managed to find. I saw several bright stars surrounded by a white mist but couldn't get any better detail with my eyepieces. Which eyepieces do I need to purchase for better detail of the two mentioned above. Thanks
  7. Havent taken any off the above to heart. Made me chuckle wth some of the posts got people talking. Some really Interesting posts regarding the light catching birds etc. My post was aimed at finding explanations in which I have. It got plenty of people involved and thats what forums are all about. Till next time!!!! Lol
  8. Not dismissing what you believe it is. Have seen hundreds of lanterns yet to find one that travels that fast. Appeared and disappeared in seconds. I asked for answers and theory's thats all.
  9. From west to east I was facing north not using scope either saw with naked eye.
  10. What from uk and daylight have seen lanterns and not them they were at some speed.
  11. I just watched two orange lights move from west to east at speed towards the north??? 15.45 exact time.
  12. Was out around same time in which I saw a bright meteor pass west to east and then another from north to south to the left of Jupiter.
  13. Managed at last to get some clear sky. 0100 managed to get a look at Jupiter three moons in view apart from callisto. To the left europa and ganymede with lo to the right. Looking through a 10mm eyepiece what piece next for better views?? Had just managed to get some kind of glimpse at mars before cloud rolled in. Think it was mars low to the east!! 30 min of magic no meteors though but carnt win em all. Happy new year to all
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