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  1. I like the cloud, makes it a bit more atmospheric.
  2. I have an 8 inch scope, I obviously have a lot to learn. Fantastic image.
  3. Nice photo. I do like a bit of earthshine.
  4. Well done sounds like a good well organised event. Unlike my grandchildrens school whose attitude to this wonderful educational opportunity was to do nothing.
  5. That looks like a well made filter Jamie. Good idea to use the window seal for a tight fit. I like the yellow colour, very sunny.
  6. Took these on the spur of the moment when I was polar aligning my scope on the evening before the partial solar eclipse . The first attempt is overexposed but shows the moons well. Second attempt better but looking forward to improving on this. http://
  7. Nice pics Jamie. Well done for going down the DIY route. I wimped out and bought a ready made astrozap filter from FLO which I am more than happy with. I did make some filters for my binoculars. Made them in about an hour on the evening before the eclipse, whence the blue peter look. Would be interested to see your finished filter.
  8. Wow thats fantastic. Good that you chose to enjoy the moment with your wife rather than getting carried away trying to get the perfect picture.
  9. I thought it looked familiar. Well done. Top job.
  10. I like it. Much better than my effort. As you can see it was foggy up here near Combe Martin too. The jump in the video halfway through is when I took the camera off for a visual look.
  11. Nice video. Damn those pesky people with their mobile phones. Good of you to let them have a look though.
  12. That is a bit special. Amazing shot.
  13. Lucky to get these due to a lack of planning on my part and having to take my dad to a hospital appointment just after the eclipse started. Amazingly lucky that the clouds cleared just in time for me to set things up before I had to leave. Leaving a scope unattended that is tracking the sun is a bit naughty, but it turned out ok.
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