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  1. Yeah, my local forecast is offering +100 km/h winds for tomorrow.....Nothing changes!!! The latest DIY modification will be 'Adding Drain Holes To A Newt' and 'What Waders are best for Astronomy?'
  2. If you are taking 'avi' then SharpCap2 will allow you to fix/set fps. Then you need to start working on your 'avi', basically process it in Registax6 and tweak the wavelet + colour setting to get the details out. However there are more bits of software and steps that will give you even more detail in the final image (PIPP, Castrate, Autostakkert, Registax, and PS or Gimp) I only have a $20 webcam but with post capture efforts I came up with this, that I am also looking to improve. My avi was 2000 frames @ 640x480, tweaked, staked, and wavelet worked in RegiStax6. My video was Rubbish, but it is possible to drag details out for a final not so good image.
  3. Many thanks Chris, this seems to have done the trick. To be as clean as possible I ran the AstroEQ config utility first. I deleted the existing Ascom ini file, joined Yahoo and downloaded the latest v1.27L, reconfigured location etc and now I have the main EQMOD control screen visible. I'm also able to drag and drop it onto the other monitors. So far all looking good and working just fine with CdC, AstroEQ, EQMOD, and multiple monitors. One happy camper, thanks everyone. Richard
  4. Yes I am. 3 monitor screens with the laptop central and one either side. I'll follow your instructions above re the install and see if this makes a difference. I can't see that this would have any effect but I also run my own DNS Bind server on this machine with some pretty hefty Nul Zone and Block Config filters in place. I'll also join the Yahoo group, I have it on screen 2 at the moment. Plus with the new install I'll disconnect the other 2 monitors. Many thanks, I know that I'll get this glitch sorted. Best, Richard
  5. RichM63

    Hi from Brittany

    Thanks for all the warm welcomes. I'm finding a ton of great info' around here. Kudos to all. Yes Brittany is a great place to live, especially off season. All the very best, Richard
  6. OK, so forced an uninstall and redownloaded the ASCOMEQ drivers and ran setup as indicated + registered the dll. Sadly, no change. AstroEQ is working fine. No problems when using CdC, telescope goes to where it should. Not an Admin issue, as this machine has the full Admin account installed and enabled, Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit with all permissions enabled for EQMOD etc. I just can't get the main ASCOM driver screen to display. Driver latest v124g. I can Park/Unpark by using the ASCOMPAD but can't define any settings. I guess that this is not an AstroEQ issue, but am at a bit of a loss as to where to go from here.
  7. Tom, I don't think it is an AstroEQ issue, because with both sets of software CdC/Stellarium the telescope goes to where I tell it to and will then track. As a temp work around I've installed ASCOMPad as a stand alone
  8. LOL yes, if it is playing hide and seek, I'm blowed if I can find it, and yet obviously EQMOD has loaded. I ran a full ASCOM diagnostic check and it passed all 1046 tests. I agree, a wierd one.
  9. Ah ha, the EQMOD screen does not display at all when CdC is connected to it. I simply have a large E in the task bar which glows orange and does not exapand anything when I click on it.
  10. Both AstroEQ and EQMOD are using the same COM5 and config loaded EQMOD. The mount is sitting right in front of me and will happily slew to objects from CdC as it is doing as I type. EQASOM EQMOD EQ5/6 selected. I just can't get the EQASCOM main control screen to display. The AstroEQ is doing its job just fine and connecting to EQMOD no problem. I'm absolutely delighted with it. I'm missing something with EQASCOM. Cheers, Richard
  11. RichM63

    Hi from Brittany

    Hi folks, I've been reading all the great info on here for a while, so it is only correct that I say hello. Fairly new to Astronomy but no stranger to rain. Located in coastal rural Brittany so LP is not an issue, originally from R/Dale NW UK. I've just acquired an AstroEQ and am looking forward to getting my head around EQASCOM etc. I'll add my kit details into a signature. Thanks for the great site. Richard
  12. Hi folks, Oily Darren advised me to drop in, so here I am. Received my 4.3 AstroEQ on Friday, many thanks Tom. (if anyone has connection problems check USB cables, I went through 4 before I got a working one). Having read everything I could find on AstroEQ /EQASCOM /EQMOD I installed the various softwares + drivers and hooked everything up. Fired up the AstroEQ config screen and went through the steps (bigest headache was to find my motor details, evidently a State secret from SW). Set my Lat/Long/Elev in both CdC and EQMOD and followed the steps to use CdC ajnd also StellariumScope Everything looks good, I can slew to objects in CdC or Stellarium but I do have a problem. I can't for the life of me fire up the EQASCOM main driver control panel screen, nothing I do seems to get this screen up so I can't enter any settings, Park un Park, Home, Polar, Track Rates, Slew Speeds, or use the NESW slews. If anyone has a suggestion I would really appreciate a hand. Cheers, Richard
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