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  1. Deffo' reserve judgement until you have worked out that by loosening things and turning around, you can easily end up on the opposite side. Congratulations on a good bit of kit. Best, Rich
  2. OK, I agree with you. I reckon that they might be security bolts twixt mount plate, and head. Such that the mount plate can't become accidentally unattached when unscrewing the center column. Right now they are doing nothing, and so will be nipped up! Rich
  3. This was really just a test of the new tripod and mount. What a difference in ease of use. Rich
  4. Ah Alan, glad you dropped by; question, under the head there are 3 small screws in the base plate 'almost collimation type jobs) they don't seem to be doing anything and are quite loose any ideas what they might be for, should I tighten them? You can just about see that they are different depths in the bolt holes. Cheers, Rich
  5. That's good. I had a go this afternoon but there was nothing to make out. Best, Rich
  6. Finally after a wait of about 3 years for the price to come down to where I am comfortable I found a well looked after example. Manfrotto 546GB tripod rated to 20kg and 501HDV fluid type head. I've wanted a serious heavy duty tripod for the long lens for ages as even though the Zomei can carry the rig no problem it does suffer in the wind. First thoughts are this is a very rigid tripod, and head is a joy to pan/tilt with the internal balance set to absorb at around 5.5kg. The 75mm bowl on the tripod makes it future proof should I ever wish to upgrade the head. Here are a few pictures of the 'family'. 546GB+501HDV with Canon 7D and Tamron 150-600mm Zomei Z818 + Gimbal Head with Canon 5D III and Tokina 2.8, 16-28 FX. I reckon that I'm going to enjoy using this rig. Cheers, Rich
  7. Well I'm about to scoff, but my friends brought me Hollands Meat and Potato Pies!!! Planned 'scoffing' yum. Best, Rich
  8. Yup, certainly a good idea HK. Have you not got any big old Tupperware that you could adapt for a weather proof case? Just a thought.
  9. A nice night out indeed, lovely image Danny. Keep up the good work.
  10. As you don't provide a 'signature' I have no idea what you have mounted the SA on to. Tripod?? All the above comments are valid, but if your Tripod is flapping about in the wind with the load from the SA + DSLR + Lens then you are never going to get good long exposures. What is your Tripod rated to, and then chop at least 1/3 off that value? My first thought on your top image was 'camera shake', but I react from a daytime photography aspect, so not exactly 80s exposures. For better help on here, provide basic location, and include appropriate kit in a signature. That way we know instantly if we might have experience of your situation. Sig's are the first thing I check when looking at a post. Best, Rich
  11. I'm not an Astro Imager. Look at it like this; whatever route chosen you will need a good solid Mount, ideally something that you can grow into rather than grow out of. Next camera types. If you go with a dedicated Astro Camera such as ZWO/ATIK then you are stuck on that path requiring all sorts of other items not even including the telescope or prime lens. A DSLR is a good and fairly riskless choice for testing the water, including your dedication to AP. £1000 for scope and mount is just not enough IMHO, you'll easily munch most of that on the mount alone. If it were me, I'd go for Mount, DSLR unmodded, S/H decent prime lens and see where my path takes me. For instance, compare Wim's signature above, with my signature here, 2 obviously different paths, but we could both probably make something acceptable out of the Orion Nebula although both different. Rich
  12. Unfortunately the first 2 items won't raise any red flags at all, as bog standard on 2nd hand sites. Unless posted together, which won't happen. However the TAK's are in a different ball park. I'll modify my search parameters to include them for a while. Snag is, likely snot rag, has no idea and has moved them on to someone who knows how to get shot of them. Your friend should advise the genuine S/H dealers that we all use; about the Serial Numbers, ID Tags, to input them into their computers. Then give up and instigate an Insurance Claim. Rich
  13. Glad you got it sorted. saves figuring out how to post this complete one to you. Maybe add a smear of grease, spot of WD40 to the outside of the piston, can't hurt. I'm a good 'unscrewer' of things, I always know that I can 'screw it up again' ! Rich
  14. Hmm, just remembered I have an old EQ1 or EQ2 in a cupboard. From your pictures above. The shiny sliver bolt thing on the opposite side to your hand controller contains a piston with an internal spring that forces the piston head against the casting thus giving resistance to the hand controller opposite. The spring can not fall out on its own, nor can you see it unless you dismantle, but you may possibly have crushed it. 2 mins, unbolt it and pull out the piston to check the spring, bit like a bigger version of a ballpoint pen. In your bottom picture it is the silver item top right. Nothing special about the spring that I can see in front of me. A good hardware/engineering store most likely will stock something to replace it if required. Rich
  15. I have a 500mm Samyang f6.3 mirror lens, which might be a better option. Not tried it at night, I suppose I should.
  16. Yup, that's the one that came to mind. It seems almost identical in every way to my Zomei just different badges. Basically a Manfrotto clone. Rich
  17. Fully understand. try looking into other 'clones', K&F Concept, Koolehaoda 62" etc, they all seem to be pretty similar. Probably all out of the same factory, and in your budget +- half a beer
  18. No! the link I posted was for decent kit. Albeit a bit more than you want to spend. The Pan head on your proposed rig is not worth attaching things to! unless you want sometimes floppy, sometimes jerky motion, and certainly iffy in terms of kit security. Like everything, you get what you pay for in this game. Best of luck, Rich
  19. The bracket in your post will be the most solid bit of kit in the train. The whole of the head on that T/Pod and other bits looks to be made from Far East plastic. I have something similar that has lived outside with a trail camera on it since September, I would not consider using it with either Bins or DSLR Camera. or bringing it back indoors. If you can hang fire and save up a bit more, look at the Zomei Z818 Kit. I hang a Batt Gripped 5D III and 150-600 zoom off it with no worries. Best, Rich
  20. Many thanks John. Nope, you kindly sent me a recipe for Lunar PP, about the same size in the viewfinder so I followed that. I'll paste the above into my Word file and see what I can make of it. (bucketing down now, off to hunt down a new to me, lawn tractor, the 300mm prime gets pushed back yet again) ! Cheers, Rich
  21. Thank you Pete, I'm struggling to work out what to do, after PIPP, AS3. to TIFF Both images created from the same RAW batch, combining multiple single frames to TIFF. Then all round the houses, PSP9, DXO 11, PSP9. But what do you experts do in PP ? Rich
  22. At the same time that you buy the 130P-DS also get a Cheshire Collimation Eyepiece in the package. You probably won't need it immediately but you most certainly will in the future, and don't forget to check the DSLR to 130P-DS adapter for your Nikon. Without which you won't be able to attach the Camera to the Telescope. Especially if you are trying imaging. Now study collimating Newtonian Telescopes, check out Astro Baby's tutorials etc. and don't be frightened, if you can change a light bulb, you can 'collimate' a Newt'. Doubt that you need to shell out on a Comma Corrector at this juncture. That's getting rather serious. When you are happy in your imaging methodology, then you will want to move your kit forward as you improve, or give up. Rich
  23. Cheers, I'm trying to figure out what steps are required and what is acceptable. another bash at it. Rich
  24. Baader filter on the 150-600. ISO 100, f11, 18 frames as a first trial stack. PP as per a Lunar set (I think that I'm missing a step in terms of brightness). Hail showers and clear spells. Rich
  25. Right. I think that I'll give it a try on the 700D + 150-600 with white light. Rigged up the EQ3-2 to accept the camera rig directly inc motor tracking. No idea about video settings...hint-hint. But at least if I 'fry' the 700D I will be less upset than with the other bodies. Rich
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