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  1. Lovely image indeed, I have a Carina parked in the courtyard but it doesn't look 1/1000 as good as this.
  2. A really warming example of 'outreach'. After several viewings I have tears of happiness rolling down my face. Best, Rich
  3. Cracking job and congratulations on now having 'your own' scope. Bravo.
  4. Don't search by model, but search by type. Canon EOS T 2 adapter. You will find 1000s available. Anything for Nikon mount will not work.
  5. OK so I no longer live there, and "y'all have decided to go away" but unless the UK wants to be the 'Wild West' of continental Europe, do what we do, simply have a policy to turn street lights OFF. The only purpose that they serve IMHO is to help 'Crims' see where they are going, and use monetary resources granted by govt' to help in that endeavour! I am in a pitch black location, torch required just to find the ML in the courtyard. and we had a policy to turn the 'one and only' street light around the Mairie off "when it goes dark"!* Job done, it is now up to us.
  6. I'd look at it slightly differently. As you would be saving a good £2000 on a new 180 +- £5000 at an all in price S/H of £3000 from a respected member. I'd save slightly less and invest in a trip over the water to collect in the car via the ferry. Plus you would save on shipping via courrier which for something like this will be expensive and risky, not to mention insuring optics etc. even if the vendor is prepared to ship. Added bonus you can also get to meet the owner and talk all things imaging. and get to visit the UK mainland before the mine field gets laid down.
  7. A weather station is a fine idea. One that reports to your indoors PC would be great IMHO. Best, Rich
  8. The first two and last two are seriously rubbish Why, because they give solid evidence that there is no way that I can hope to achieve such detail! Those images not only show surface detail, but mountain high detail. Cracking effort, well done! Rich
  9. Nice images, great detail, and thanks for the 1/3 crops, my Internet is so slow. Rich
  10. I want to see the "Moon Lander" anything less will be deemed as a fail! Wow, great afternoon images.
  11. All of the above, but also ISO800 is above the limit I would be comfortable with on an old Canon. My 400s are instantly noisy at this ISO especially with a dark plain background. Try going down to ISO400 and below if possible. Oh, you don't say, but shoot RAW, and you will have a much better chance of dealing with noise in PP before converting to TIF or JPEG.
  12. Just looking over at the EQ3-2 and I realize that I have left a Ball Head on it from a previous duck tracking session. You really should give it a try. causes all sorts of hilarity down by the port, having passers by try their skills out.
  13. I just 'borowed' a bolt from an old lawn mower, drilled a hole in the center of the dovetail, used the bolt to cut a thread in the soft metal and can now add any type of head I want. Ball, pan/tilt, gimbal etc. Great fun tracking swimming ducks in RA/DEC with the hand controls. But if you are talking about a mountless tripod you'll probably need to consider an extension as well as the above. Rich
  14. A huge thanks John, another top tip learned and applied. It worked like a charm. Below a heavily cropped stacked image to look at stacking accuracy. Ignore detail and contrast etc, the seeing was dreadful. Thanks again John, best, Rich
  15. OK the seeing was terrible, but no matter what I do I can't get AS to stack. Clearly I'm doing something wrong because a single frame shows promise. Pipp, AS2 100-90% and then it goes all over the place. Single frame. Duff Stack 16 frames. grrrrr I'm stumped! Best, Rich
  16. Well done John. Seeing was boiling soup here. No matter what I do I can't get AS to stack. See my Daytime Moon rubbish.
  17. Nicely done. The seeing was terrible here.
  18. Don't have WIFI on the 700D, 7D, 5DIII and have always used the USB cable.
  19. I have developed a similar problem applies to all my bodies. Now when I connect a camera it will only allow me to download by 'date' and not allow me to change the location to something sensible like 'The Moon 24_02_2018'. I then have to rename the download folder manually. No idea why, and I've been struggling for months to find out a solution. Rich
  20. Open your image on your PC as above then open Als Collimation and drag it over your image. Set the concentric circles to the circles on your image. Ideally start with an image big enough to see properly. I usually start with the outer circle as it is easier to line up, then the inner, then the center, then the 'screws' if required. The software works such that the displayed circles are always concentric and thus you will see any collimation error and can fine tune, and repeat the image taking process and check again etc. Your above image is slightly off collimation, but for visual observing you should be OK to go. In the thread link I posted above, scroll through the pages until you see my pink and yellow image. Rich
  21. I actually enjoy collimating! (there is probably a medical term for this) Anyhow, this is a good but old thread on the subject Collimation also download Als Collimation Aid from IceInSpace second from bottom in the files list. It will help you. Rich
  22. Very well done indeed. I love the composition and detail.
  23. It certainly is sturdy with the DSLR rig. No noticable vibration at all when in windy conditions I panned onto the center of the Sun and was able to manual focus without any camera shake at all. Hoping for some Lunar trials soon. Anyhow in the interest of science, I dismantled the head to find out what those 3 screws are supposed to do. Effectively they are 'grub' screws that screw down on to an undulating plate on the underside of the mount and would appear to prevent accidental rotation between the mount plate and mount head which may be caused by continuous panning actions. They should also thus act as a preventative lock for the center nut to avoid it either over tightening or unscrewing again with panning actions. By pulling it to bits, I also now understand how the panning lock brake works. I've nipped all 3 to equal 1/4 turn tightness so that they just 'bite'. Unfortunately I have mowing chores on this fine sunny but windy morning, so will have to wait until this afternoon to try it out further. Rich
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