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  1. I have both a Zomei Z818 and lately a Manfrotto 190XPROB.

    The Zomei is good and carries heavy DSLRs and lenses no problem.

    But the Manfrotto is great. Noticeably more rigid.

    The one thing I really don't like about the Zomei is the twist lock leg method, I've completely untwisted them on more than one occasion. (easily rebuilt but annoying) and casts a doubt when standing away from the camera rig.

    I use both tripods all the time.


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  2. Nice Adam, what mount were you using for the astro images?

    I'm not into AP but I looked at the second image on a my large hi-res monitor and zoomed in.

    The stars around the central bright star with the diffraction spikes, zoomed in look like a hot air balloon rally from a distance. (they seem to be just that shape with basket off the bottom).

    I have no idea what causes this or how to address it.

    Your kids look happy.

    Maybe look at stopping down for dof and AF Point (1&3).

    PS love the hats. :)

  3. As promised.

    This camera is a modified Microsoft LifeCam.

    looking at the casing I would suggest that it uses a Billet Parts adapter. (don't know if they are still available)

    You would also need to look up Gary Honis for a guide on how to put the thing together.

    It fits in place of an eyepiece, connect to PC via USB and weighs almost nothing.

    Used to take video of the Moon and Planets, then stack the results as a still frame in something like RegiStax.

    If you can find one, they would be well within your budget and a handy way to get started.


    best, Rich

  4. No I'm not saying that at this time (in the future you will most likely if you get hooked).

    It's just that check that your telescope rig can handle having almost 1 1/2 pounds or 556g hanging off the back.

    I do have an appropriate webcam type video camera that I'll dig out and post a picture of.

    It weighs next to nothing and was most likely the one that Knight of Clear Skies used for Saturn in the above image.

    Best, Rich

  5. These cameras are a lot of money for us normal folks.

    My take, I do not want to risk regrets, hence I have none, by going with single digit. (always in the back of my mind would be the nagging 'less digits = better' even if totally unfounded).

    I would have, if I had double or triple digit.

    Like most folk, I started with triple digit but then 'waited' until the single digit second hand prices came down to a happy to live-with level.

    Anyhow; IMHO the 6DII although a fine camera, 'over-priced' should not be included in this comparison.

    It is 'full frame' all others are 'APS-C'.

    @Adam, beware, if you have a stock of EF-S lenses they will not physically attach to a Full Frame EF only body.

    Whereas all your lenses will work on an APS-C body.


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  6. 1 hour ago, tooth_dr said:

    Thing is I don’t really need a lens but I ‘have’ to spend the money or lose the funding. 

    Of course you need a lens, you might not be sure about which one, but you definitely need it!

    In your line of work I would think that the best 'Prime Macro Lens' that you can fit to budget, such as the 105mm 2.8 etc Sigma could be very handy. :)

    A 10mm fisheye maybe not so good. (unless you have Cheshire Cats as clients). ;) 


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  7. 41 minutes ago, tooth_dr said:

    Thanks everyone for their input so far.  I think in this instance I need to buy new, and maybe non astro modded.

    Since all my adapters and current lenses and ring flash are all Canon, it would certainly be easier to stick with Canon.

    I'm thinking of using it for widefields, MW shots, comets, etc where my mono CCDs dont allow this.


    These sort of examples?






    I've never heard of this outfit before, but if they are legit' I'll be retiring the 7D a lot sooner than I thought possible. :)

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