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  1. Ahh man.. that looks just the job! Wish I had seen this before ordering the cable. I have set up the cable with EQMac (apple user here) which is working but can not get it to connect with Stellarium or CDC/Skychart. This wifi set up and app looks like it would have been better for my currents needs.
  2. I have purchased the cable from FLO. It will be interesting to try out as I always used the controller before.. maybe one day it will turn up. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks. Can I star align with the software also?
  4. Hi everyone. After a long break from Astro I decided to find my old gear and reignite my passion! I have the NEQ6 pro mount but after spending days looking I can’t locate the remote! Having looked online these aren’t cheap new, especially for something I hope to one day find. Can I get my mount set up and tracking using software? I seem to recall people using Eqmod and other software but is this a fairly simple operation... especially with aligning etc? I’m used to just using the remote to star align, navigate then track. Also does anyone know where I could get a cheap second hand remote... at least if mine turns up I can sell the spare and not loose too much money. Thanks for any advice
  5. Hi everyone. I am finally at the point where I can get my first CCD. I was looking at one of the higher end Atik cameras with built in wheels. Is it worth visiting Astrofest in the hope of getting some discounts or are these likely not to be discounted? Thanks
  6. Very nice image but I would loose the white/grey frame. I would definitely try a dark frame.. the image will jump out much more and you will see more detail in the darker areas of the image also. Lovely image though.
  7. Lovely Sara. Very subtle natural image.
  8. Really great exposure and dynamic range on this. Well done
  9. Much better! Great depth and tonality.
  10. All the shots on my blog are unguided with the same scope as you. You can always crank up the ISO a bit. I happily shoot away at ISO3200 without any problems and you should get rid of most of the noise with shooting darks. To be honest I hit the light pollution barrier before I exceed my mounts/ISO limits.
  11. Second one for me. When you see them side by side your eye is naturally drawn to the one with more contrast but second is better. More detail and better graduation.
  12. You might get some detail. I would throw as much at it as you can though. I think 2 1/2hrs would be a good target. Also see if you can get away with a longer sub. I think the longer the sub the better you chances as it is tough unmodded. Best of luck
  13. Thanks, I tend to prefer black and white also. Seems to bring out the detail a bit more.
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