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  1. hmmm never thought of cardboard tube. I work in the steel industry so Ali tubing should come quite easy. It is the mirrors that might pose a problem. Waste pipe would also be an option. Shall have to start looking about for something.
  2. Thank you Guys, lots of helpful stuff here. I shall read the link before my next outing. I am not frustrated enough to give up, been looking in the sky all my life not going to stop now. Just want to make sense of what I see. I have a red dot thing as a finder. Don't know if I should change that or not. Haven't tried any others. I am using aSkywatcher114 scope at the moment. I have 25mm, 16mm, 10mm and 6mm eyepieces and a 2x barlow and I am viewing in the city. Not good but quite dark at the back. After living in the New Forest for many years without a good scope where it was perfect viewing and then moving to the city where it is lighter. Not a good Astronomical move. I hope to build an 8inch Dob if I can find the Ali tube at work and get a reasonable mirror. I shall read the link and make sure I have a clear picture of the objects I want to view. Cheers
  3. Thank you, I shall get the scope out and practice getting used to the way it works in the day time. I have Turn left at orion, that has pretty good drawings. I think I need to plan ahead so I dont get too much going on in my head. Will try again through the week and see how I get on. Thank you for your assistance.
  4. Right angled finderscope? Does that replace the unit that takes the Eyepiece correcting the way the scope works? As for the Whiskey, Telescope and too much whiskey dont really work together, but on a cold night viewing it helps.
  5. Trying to find things around Cassiopia tonight. How do you know when you hit the target. I can see all sorts of stuff up there but all the stars look the same. Was looking for M52 and M103. I am still trying to come to terms with things being opposite when I move the scope about, not sure how that works, but I try to aim the scope at a place where the objects are and I see stars right enough but they all look like stars if you get my meaning. Tried looking through Bins but they are not wide angle enough to see a Constellation so not sure with them if I am seeing anything I should be looking at. Not even sure if this text makes any sense. Just getting frustrated. You know where you are with Planets and the moon. Think I need lessons, or whiskey.
  6. Have seen Shooting Stars but never a meteor shower, looking forward to this. Is it visible any earlier in the month?
  7. I saw it a few weeks ago for first time, I ran in the house and dragged the wife into the garden to look. But she couldn't really see it. Amazing view.
  8. Do I have to join the Google thing?
  9. Found the group on the link you posted, how do I join?
  10. My Barlow is making my viewing blurry. Not sure why. maybe needs a clean. Bought a collimating tool( Cheshire) gonna set up again with that. Though I doubt the scope will get used for a night or 2, summer seems to have disappeared early again.
  11. If I et a chance, I shall come along to Turf Hill next weekend, I have bookmarked the link you sent, and will have a look tomorrow.
  12. 0113hrs, just got in myself. Beautiful sky tonight. Had some lovely views of Saturn. Still not good through 2x Barlow though. Tried for various Messier objects but could not find my way to any. Bed is calling.
  13. Turf Hill, I know it well. Spent many a happy hour there when I lived in the New forest at Plaitford. Should go there with the scope myself sometime.
  14. Hmmm never seen Mercury. Shall have to find out where that one is hiding and take a look
  15. Ah, Scotland, yes, mostly cloudy when I lived there. I am in Southampton.
  16. Hi Tonight looks like a clear night weather wise. What shall I be looking at
  17. I have an EQ2 mount, I did shorten the back standing leg and lengthen the height to see the sight scope but then had trouble seeing through the eyepiece. Something I am going to have to work at.
  18. There was me thinking I was being dense. Dobson's hole. Excellent. Yes I had trouble getting the scope in a good position to view and then had trouble trying to manoeuvre the scope when I did get to a position suitable. On my knees trying to sight was fun, glad I had a whiskey as an excuse. Maybe try again at the other object in that part of the sky. Cant remember its M number though
  19. Hi Guys I was trying to look directly overhead at the Galaxy M101 in Ursa Major over the weekend. I had real trouble trying to see anything through the sighting scope or the main scope. I wondered if Newtonian scopes were designed for directly overhead or do I need a Dob?
  20. The good news is, it wasn't me. It would have been nice if we all could see our targets, but I was beginning to think I was not seeing properly. i had some definite targets last night, and thought I had failed miserably. I set out to see M51 at the start of the evening but had trouble as it was directly over head. But that is another story.
  21. Hi Guys Not sure what to look at tonight . so decided to look at M86 and the M numbers close by. Did find the stars in the area but not the objects I desired. I shall look on a darker night. Is there anything I should be looking for at the moment or something a bit easier to see?
  22. Yes, I think you guys a right. I shall be ordering myself a Cheshire type. Thanks for all your help. As usual a real benefit to us beginners.
  23. Not sure about the Laser one now. Used aCheshire type today, took all of 10 seconds to do. Bit torn now as to what type to get?
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