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  1. Some on here may remember that several years ago I wrote an article on astronomy for the disabled, I now plan to publish this article along with another I have written titled astronomy from the inside as a small FREE ibook in the hope it can help those who are less able to either take up or continue with their hobby. So where does the help come in? I need a cover image and am hoping that one of thew members will donate an image royalty free, of course you will be credited and if you wish a link to your astrophotography web site will be included along with a link to this site and my local astr
  2. Thanks guys, its 1.25" fit, but I'll put it to one side as I dont want anyone to use it and damage their eyes.
  3. Does anyone have an idea what this prism/diagonal might be used for? It looks like some kind of Herchel wedge, its all solid metal, no plastic at all and was found in my late brothers astronomy gear.
  4. In all honesty your lightweight scope and camera set up screams buy an astrotrac for ultimate portability, you'd even be able to put the whole lot in a rucksack and cycle out to a darker site out of town if you wished.
  5. I've just been shooting the moon tonight with a DSLR & 300 mm lens. my settings where :- Manual mode ISO 400 1/400th second shutter speed F8 I had the VC on, on my lens and was able to hand hold the shots without a problem. Also auto focus works well on my 500D, but oddly better when I use AI servo focus mode rather than one shot. I hope that helps
  6. Ah John has just pointed out something I wasn't aware off, it seems your using the barlow to achieve focus, to use a reducer you would screw it to the nose piece in place of the barlow, but in doing so you may not as john pointed out have enough inward focus to achieve focus.
  7. Thanks guys, its looking lovely at present and I've missed it whilst it was so close to the sun, I'm really looking forward to winter this year
  8. I couldn't resist chasing the moon through the clouds yesterday evening,this shot was taken hand held with an EOS 500D & Tamron SP70-300VC lens shooting through double glazing and from the bed as always I just have to wait for my DSLR adaptor to arrive and I can use my late brothers 80mm to hopefully get some better shots thanks to my heath robinson birding clamp thats mounted on the hanging pole above my bed.
  9. Try to avoid zoom lenses if you can as they can leave reflection artifacts, prime lenses are best, I've had some really good results in the past with a cheap 28mm sigma manual focus lens.on a crop sensor
  10. As said unscrew the barlows lens element from the end, that way you can use it as a short extension tube to enable you to achieve focus. I would also look at getting a screw on focal reducer if the barlow is a 1.25" one, you can pick a 0.5x one from most astromomy retailers. You should be able to push your camera to ISO 1600 before noise becomes a real issue that you cant clean up in post processing, also shoot RAW if you can, doing so gives you a lot more control over the image in post processing.
  11. The QHY5 is also a fantastic little lunar and planetary camera, both in colour and black and white versions. Also having T threads its very versatile connection wise, though you can of course use 1.25" or 2" nose pieces you can also screw it directly to other connectors, such as the rear of the WO's reducers.
  12. I've had both the 9mm and 6mm, lovely eyepiece that's hard to beat at double the money. I actually preferred mine to my radians!! Those two and my 19mm panoptic where always out of the eyepiece case. The early issues where with a spacer that hadn't had its edge blackened, this caused all sorts of glare problems. The early fix was to take it apart and use a marker on it, but it was rectified by the second production run. Well worth the money, new or second hand. Ps I only got rid of mine when I gave up visual astronomy.
  13. Has anyone got the email submission address's for submitting images to astronomy now and the sky at night magazine. I dont have current copies and cant get any at present but have an image I want to submit Thanks
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