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  1. It just so happens that I just purchased a Celestron SkyMaster , Model#71009,15 x 70 binoculars. I recommend using a tripod mount with these. It does not take long for your arms to tire enough to cause shaking, or unstable viewing. But, these were worth every penny. They do allow a lot of light in. From the viewing I have done so far, I had no problem viewing the Orion Nebula, and some open clusters. The moon is rather bright. My viewing time has been limited due to weather. These do come with a tripod adapter and a nylon carry case. Even better if you buy these when they are on sale.
  2. Yes they all are. What is also true is the Hallam Observatory within 5 km's of my location. Things are looking up. Welcome to all who welcomed me!
  3. Welcome all! Merry Christmas to all. In doing plenty of searches for info about my scope, and star gazing in itself, I came across this site. Glad to have found it. I hope to learn plenty here, and maybe even contribute something in the future.
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