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  1. Ugh fine, heq5 it is then.... Gonna hurt my wallet. http://astro.astrosweden.se/sv/articles/2.23.563/sky-watcher-explorer-200pds-heq5-pro good?
  2. Hi ive always wanted to get into astrophotography. Here in Sweden at the last year of high school you get to choose whatever topic you want for a project and i chose astrophotography. Now im going through the pain of finding a good kit. The best one ive found is the skywatcher 200pds eq5 that is within my price range. http://www.teleskop-...5-Teleskop.html For a camera i was thinking canon eos1000d or 1100d. I just wanted to ask if this was a ok setup? I know the mount isnt the best but its the best for my budget.
  3. Also i think i can see like a little dot on callisto, but idunno if it detail though.
  4. Very awesome image! So much detail!
  5. I actually think the first one is better.
  6. Vagif


    Very nice pic, sharp and nice colors.
  7. That is amazing! And so close up too with alot of detail! The bottom left corner could be a bit more sharper, but still amazing though
  8. I can get the 1000 D for about 200 $ and the 1100 D for 250 $, so i will get the 1000 D.
  9. If you don't got a 10 mm eyepiece i highly recommend getting one.
  10. Thanks for the answer, does the software support mac os x?
  11. Amazing, i like the colours
  12. Thanks for the link . But i heard modifying a camera is kinda expensive.
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