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  1. I have a x2 barlow that came with the celestron accessory kit that I also got for christmas, I've not used it as yet though. Its been cloudy in London for the last few days so haven't tested my scope on night viewing as yet.
  2. Guys thanks you very much for that, that's a relief to know thats all is as it should be. One more question if thats ok. For those who take their telescope's out to different locations, where do you guys get your protective cases from to carry the scope in? I've tried Ebay and amazon but it's limited, very limited. Do you just improvise and create your own protective casing?
  3. Sorry newbie question coming I just purchased a new Televue 32mm eyepiece, my first purchased since receiving my telescope for christmas. Well all it is I wanted to know is this, I tried out the eyepiece and it was pretty impressive but the only thing is the image was upside down, is that normal ? My other celestron eyepices show the image the right way up. Just one more question. Whilst testing out the eyepiece and also with the celestron eyepieces that came with the scope, are you not able to zoom in on a particular spot of an image ? I saw a sign on a building that I wanted to zoom in on to test how clear the image would be but the entire image would become either in or out of focus.
  4. No you've been extremely helpful so thank you hazegood. But yes that is the dilemma should consider a new mount or upset my misses and return the item! On reflection I think I'll be happy with what I currently have but as soon as I know what I'm doing I'll review my options so to speak.
  5. Thank you very must for posting those photos Michael, much appreciated. Do you use then lenses that came with the scope upon purchase or did you purchase a few other accessories? Nebula, your skywatcher AZ goto mount sounds interesting, so would I be right in saying you can now control your scope via your phone app as well as punch in coordinated and your scope will automatically align to your target using GOTO? I haven't open my gift as yet but I think the scope does have the motor drive for auto tracking.
  6. Ahh yes I have already downloaded this piece of software but thank you. I've just been looking in the imaging section on thie forum and seen the photos which have been uploaded - WOW. Would my scope be able to see similar images ?
  7. Hello there Brown Dwarf and thanks for the quick reply. Yes I agree, I need to learn the basics first before jumping in the the (deeper) end so to speak. Is it going to be alot more challenging locating targets without a 'GOTO TYPE COMPUTERISED' telescope? As I have yet to open let alone see the telescope as yet would I be wise to concider getting another model as absolute beginner or will this be more than enough for all my beginner needs? I've seen a Celestron Nexstar 5SE & 8SE Computerised GoTo Telescope on ebay which also has good reviews. Should I risk being called ungrateful by my partner and ask her to return the 130EQ and order maybe the Nexstar ? I just don't want to feel I'm able to gain great results due to not having the right scope even for a beginner.
  8. Hi there guys, this will be my first post so please be patient with me I've discovered that my partner has got me a Celestron Astromaster 130EQ for Christmas. This will be my first ever telescope and I have never used a telescope before just showed an interest in astronomy due to some fascinating documentaries out there. Now I know this is a beginners Telescope which is great for me for now as I need to learn from the ground up and be sure my enthusiasm isn't just a flash in the pan. I live in the UK, central London which I hear isn't great for viewing the night sky. Well I have just a couple of questions: 1) Is it possible to connect a digital Camera, Iphone or Laptop to the Celestron Astromaster 130EQ to take pictures ? 2) Are there any must have I should make sure I purchase to compliment and achieve great results when using the telescope? 3) Are you able to punch in coordinates on this particular telescope to pinpoint the target object ? 4) If anyone has this telescope, could you post any photo if possible to show what images the telescope is capable of taking? Thanks
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