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  1. ok thanks for that. i'll look that kit up and get it ordered cheers
  2. hi, thanks very much for the files. could you tell me what your infill and shell count/perimiter settings were please, and also any links you might have for the inserts and nuts/screws you used, and also what method did you use to put the insert in - i.e. did you use a soldering iron to melt it in or another method once again many thanks Colin
  3. Yes I am on about the inner threads so I can screw it onto my finderguider adapter and then use my QHY5L-II Colour camera for imaging. I have filters but none have inner threads like yours.
  4. hi, do you have a link to the filter you use or one similar. i have filters but they only have a thread on one side whereas yours has a thread on the outer part as well. i'd like one like yours as i have an adapter to fit my 9x50 finderscope that i could thread my polemaster onto to guide with and use my qhy5l-ii colour camera to image with but i can't seem to find a filter with threads on either side
  5. thanks for that tom but i can't see that google sketch of the brackets as its asking for a user name and password
  6. Thanks for them links. I'll have a look at them now. Cheers Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  7. ok thanks for that. i bought my 200p and eq5 secondhand for a £130 so it didn't break my bank and i have a little more spend. i've seen some nima stepper motors for sale on fleabay that are quite cheap but not sure if they are strong enough. do you know where to get the best motors from and how much they cost
  8. i have a skywatcher explorer 200p with eq5 mount and i was just wondering how much this goto setup would cost me by the time i buy the astraeq, dual axis stepper motors, 12v power supply and the other cables that i would need. i've seen the SkyWatcher SynScan PRO GOTO Upgrade Kit For EQ5 Mount for £299 and wondered what the savings and differences/advantages would be between the two systems.
  9. @mods- i just realised i should have posted these pictures in the beginners section, my mistake, sorry
  10. forgot to add this was with a skywatcher explorer 200p with eq5 mount
  11. hi, these are my very first images of the moon. these were taken with a samsung PL211 camera and with me holding the camera upto the eyepiece whilst trying to keep it very still. i've now ordered myself a camera mount but i've also got a microsoft lifecam vx-1000 lying around which i'm going to mod and see what results i can get with that. the only problem is that my eq5 mount isn't motorized but i've been following this thread and i'm thinking of going down this route http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/188877-astroeq-for-eq-mounts/
  12. cbbella

    hi to all

    Thanks to you all. On thursday I seen the moon and jupiter and it's four moons up close for the very first time. Amazing Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  13. Welcome to SGL Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  14. Hi and welcome to SGL Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  15. cbbella

    hi to all

    hi, i've just bought my very first telescope, a secondhand one at that. it's a skywatcher explorer 200p. i've thought about getting one for years but i never did, so here's to many years of enjoyment now that i've finally made the jump regards to you all
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