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  1. You've made a good choice on the 200, it will last you years, even decades! As for SWMBO, start saving for a diamond ring or necklace John
  2. Svsa, if your 'scope doesn't have the 'standard' finder shoe, they are cheap to buy and easy to fit. I can't make out the type of fitting on your finder, is there any chance of a close-up photo of that please? Once you have the standard finder shoe fitted, you will be able to empty your wallet on a whole range of finderscopes, red-dot-finders & etc etc etc John
  3. I fitted the electric focuser onto my 200P (why do they call it an auto-focuser?) and found it a good update. Yes it is a bit on the slow side even when the knob is turned to 'Fast', but really that is a minor consideration. You will find that you can reach critical focus a lot easier than with the standard focusing mechanism.
  4. I've not had any of the problems mentioned in that review of the Starpointer Pro. I guess it all comes down to personal taste in the end, and my tastes do not extend to cable ties, sticky backed plastic and a Blue Peter badge John
  5. I use mine pretty often, but then I also use one of several RDF's or the standard 9x50 finderscope that came with my SkyWatcher 200P, depending on what I'm wanting to look at. One thing I'd suggest to anyone using a RDF, Starpointer Pro or Telrad - buy spare batteries! John
  6. Or as I said in an earlier post, if you don't want to mess about with cable ties, double-sided tape and sticky pads, there's the Celestron Starpointer Pro that just slides into a standard finder shoe.... Not a half brick
  7. As I've just posted in another thread, if you are any good at woodworking you can make a case for almost any 'scope. The one for my 127 Mak cost me about £20-30, including the cost of hinges, clips and leather handle. I used lagging meant for water pipes cut in half lengthwise for padding. Sorted John
  8. If you are any good with woodworking, you can make a case for any 'scope easily enough. I use foam lagging meant for water pipes cut in half lengthwise for padding, makes for a good solid (and cheap to make) case.
  9. Alternatively, if you don't want half a brick stuck to your 'scope with sticky pads, you could try the Celestron Starpointer Pro. It does the same job as the Telrad, fits into a standard finder shoe, and doesn't look like a brick John
  10. Can get a bit more info from the Amazon listing LINK Spherical mirror, 5 stars from just one reviewer who stated that it's easy to modify.... John
  11. Do you reckon he just pulls those prices out at random? John
  12. £311 now, someone is going to be disappointed John
  13. It happened to a pair of Lidl bins I'd bought too, but fortunately a chap at one of the local astro clubs had recently given a demonstration on how to collimate binoculars. Took just a few minutes to get them working fine again All you need is a tripod & adaptor, and a jewellers screwdriver.
  14. If a pair of bins suffers from a double image, they can easily be collimated John
  15. That mount will keep you going for decades if you look after it and will easily take the 200P for viewing purposes and even photography if you choose a windless night. Anything bigger than the 200 and you will be looking at another mount too.... John