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  1. Seems to me that the equinox is always the better choice out of the 2
  2. Im following this thread very closely as I'm going through a similar choice
  3. What's uranium 235? On google it just shows the element uranium ha. Thanks for the advice mate, ED80 it is! I've purchased the book making every photon count also, so I'll read that religiously
  4. I see, have you got a pic of your setup? Ok so heq5 at it's max with all the gear on 8", sorted. I think I've decided on an ED80 on the heq5. Plus a cannon eos :-)
  5. I will be wanting to image DSO's and planets. Some great advice guys, thank you. ED80 on heq5 sounds like a plan. I've also looked at the skywatcher quattro 250cf 10", anybody have any experience with one of these?
  6. So the dob on the equatorial mount isn't the best of both worlds?
  7. Hi folks, i have now owned my skyliner 200p dob for just over a year and I have managed to find some incredible things, I can't fault this scope for observing. For quite a while I have wanted to try my hand at imaging and I want to know here to start. There's obviously a limit to what I can see with my dob and don't get me wrong, I get blown away each time I view things over and over again and I've even tried manual tracking objects with a webcam, but manual tracking is so difficult. So, do I mod the dob with a motorised mount, or keep the dob setup for observations and buy a whole new setup
  8. Good going dude! SPC900 and a dob is where it's at :-D
  9. I use my 5mm all the time at the moment, especially for viewing Jupiter, with my 200p
  10. Hello and welcome to the forum, I'm not so far from Burntwood either, Wolverhampton.
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