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  1. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. It appears that most of the membership is English/European? Safe assumption? Not that this is an 'issue'... just curious of how much North American membership ? Thanks!
  2. reading the information... found this only slightly 'amusing'... considering the article is from 07 though... quote: "The discovery puts Venus in elite planetary company. Scientists currently know of only three other planetary bodies in the entire universe that generate lightning --- " (my emphasis added!) isn't it nice to be able to observe, in our lifespan, how quickly information/knowlege changes!
  3. overcast here ... both nights of peak.
  4. Up north, the winter skies are absolutely fantastic ... clear... no haze.... too bad it is only 1 deg F out... (-17C!!) .... nice for a 'quick' view. Jupiter is rocking the eastern sky !
  5. Thanks Mr. Davenport... my first dob, which served me quite well for 20 years, or so, was an 8inch . I donated that one just this year to a local club in Green Bay for mirror finishing. Just got the larger dob about three years ago... between nasty skies in Wisconsin and working, wasn't able to use it much, but now that I'm retired hope to increase its usage, if the weather cooperates! While winter skies hold some of the most gorgeous views, it is frequently cloudy and/or too darn cold! But I'll do what I can, when I can. Have never done any imaging... have always felt the 'awe' --- and still do most times, even after all these years -- of naked eye viewing, binocs and scopes, and just 'browsing' the heavens. I have the Sky Atlas (w.Tirion) and use it when specifically searching, and a 'only decent' set of about a dozen eyepieces/filters... plenty for an 'amateur' like me.
  6. some VERY nice photos on flickr there swag72.
  7. Native Texan displaced to the Great white North... well almost!... scope owner since Haley's Comet... started smaller, now with a 12.5 inch dob. Would be rude not to at least say hello. ! Look forward to browsing for a while... and then... well... ya just never know Thanks Geno... (from) Texas... GenoTex.
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