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  1. The fan is connected to the PWM output, works fine.
  2. Nice build, looks similar to my one I built, I added little rocker switches to each channel so I could isolated the unused ones. I used some of the outputs for LEDs around the scope like on the clutches so I can easily locate them in the dark and being dimable, also one output runs the cooling fan for the primary mirror also being able to control the speed.
  3. i'll second that they have been good sorting problems out for me.
  4. This one in Ipswich great location and activity's. Has a full working 258 mm Tomline Refractor, dating from 1874.
  5. I'm a Bird photographer but like to visually observer. I have dabbled in astro imaging and have the setup but haven't got into it seriously enough. Looking is relaxing and love to see with my own eyes.
  6. I wear glasses to correct astigmatism in my right eye so need to wear them whilst observing. Racking the focuser tube won't correct that but think should be ok for your eyes being short sighted.
  7. It is a stunning sight, shame you didn't get to image it, would of looked great.
  8. Nice Moon out tonight took a quick shot with my 600mm lens.
  9. Welcome to the forum.
  10. I like to observer, I find it relaxing just to gaze and marvel at the beauty of the night sky. I do whilst looking tempted to put the camera on and image what I'm looking at but can't be bothered with the processing.
  11. Great images, well done, the 130p and pds are great scopes.
  12. Looking forward to the build thread from you.
  13. Mines only 6' x 6' which includes the pier mounted 200pds, the PC, toolbox and me. but have the house as the warm room, remotely via Teamviewer if I need to.
  14. Hi Got out last night, haven't been out for a while due to heavy work load. It was a clear night but not as clear as it could be but good enough to see most. I got my 200pds last april and haven't used it much so looking forward this winter. I have been using a skywatcher 130p and has been a great scope. After initialising my obsy hardware and opening the roof I did a 3 star alignment in CDC. My first object to view was Andromeda using the Skywatcher 28mm ep, it was much bigger and brighter compered to the 130p as expected and still amazed everytime I look at the faint fuzz. I then slewed to M45, using the 28mm still, I was graced with a full framing of the stars and what a sight it was, although there was coma present towards the edges. Next up was the Double cluster, wow never seen it that nice, this 200pds is really showing it's strength. Had a look at M81 and M82 but was a bit low to get a good light into the scope as the side of the obsy was blocking the end of the scope. I went back to all the above several time's before calling it a night. I was amazed that EQmod behaved itself nerver timed out. After lasts night viewing I'm very pleased with the views through the 200pds and need to sort out the coma with a corrector to get better edge views or get a better EP. I'm looking forward to Orion and Jupiter this coming winter. I needed something to get me motivated to get out and after last night has done that. Hope this get you doing the same. Thanks for reading. Clear skies.