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  1. That’s what I’m worried about. There will be a lot more of those trails
  2. Thanks for the tip. Its so much to take in but one step at a time.
  3. Yes it was. You was lucky . I'm not a serious at it just yet I just went out to give it a go, but not sure on the future whether its worth spending more money if all you'll get is those to contend with.
  4. Hi all thought I'd get out and try out for the first time on my 200pds some imaging. I have normally been observing only but with all this free time on lockdown i'd give it a go. so I chose the Whirlpool galaxy M51. It's only a single exposure of 2 1/2 mins with an unmodified 550d. Having set up I began, when the image came up I couldn't believe what I saw. I knew Starlink was visible but not where I was imaging. I can only dread when they are all up and running! Not the best image but gives you an Idea.
  5. Hi I have a 200pds 8" Scope and use the 8mm BST for planets. Its my go to eyepiece and on good nights I get good views with Jupiter. I also have the BST 5mm but don't get used often. So in my option 8mm is good one to get.
  6. Hi I used 4 threaded rods think M16 and scaffold poles in between the two disks. Very stiff. all then painted with hammerite white no issues with rust.
  7. I feel for you! I just found a mice nest in my obsy pc with two mice still inside. Had to chuck it out as it was contaminated and chewed through several wires. I wondered why it wouldn't work. Then after a few months they had nested in my battery box. that I could save with some washing. They chewed a few wires in there too. I have located where they have entered and now blocked off.
  8. Hi I had the same issue when I first got my 200pds ( same focuser) you have to unscrew the 1/4" section of the 2" base section and then screw a camera mount onto that. Heres a link to what I mean.
  9. I had to use a bit the same size as the rod. Bought a 16mm bit same as the rod, as you drill its gets slightly bigger anyway, just enough for it without being tight.
  10. It was Short when I first built it but as I used the scope more I needed to get it up higher to see over the obsy walls.
  11. I used brake disks for my mount and 4 M16 rods and bolts as well as scaffold poles bolted in between to make it very solid unit.
  12. I have a 130p and still do and use it. I upgraded to the Skywatcher 200pds on a Heq5 mounted on a concrete pier. The sturdiness and virtually rock solid at the eyepiece is a big improvement, as for the views the 8" 200pds is obviously a bit larger and most importantly a lot brighter than what you would see with the 130.
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