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  1. Hi there I was out with my mount last week a Skwatcher Star Discovery Alt AZ and didn't quite get it level, in a rush and a school boy error, I know. Any way I tried to align it several times and it was out, a fair amount, not even in a 40mm eyepiece. This was after it said 'alignment successful' but it also said straight after the 'alignment successful message', 'Previous NP settings applied', or something along those lines. I have done some research on NP error and cone error, which is alright (don't need to know much about it, but how to sort it out) . I need to know how to clear this out of my mounts memory or how to set these values to zero, as I read somewhere it will always update to this, this unless I clear the memory or reset the hand controller to original factory settings. Neither of which I actually know how to do or what is the best option? I'm currently running version 04.37.03 on Syscan and have not updated yet, so going back to original factory settings is no problem (once I get this problem error out the way, I will then check and update if required). #Confused Thanks in anticipation.... Lee
  2. Horatio

    SGL SP2019?

    Cheers CJ, I'll have to go with the date and just hope.
  3. Horatio

    SGL SP2019?

    just looked at lunar phases for 2019 this could be either the weekend of 28th Sept or if in to Oct then weekend of 26th/27th Oct?
  4. Horatio

    SGL SP2019?

    I know this sounds a bit crazy but I have to book all my days off and holidays for 2019 in the next few weeks. I haven't been to a SGL SP yet and would like to go next year but need some rough idea when it/or they happen (do you have more than 1 a year). I know it's early for specific dates, but what month do they usually happen and how many days is it a 3 or 4 etc, is it usually the beginning of the month or later in the month? I ask only because I have patients that are already booking their appointments to see me in April/May/June 2019. I Need to book my days off ASAP or I'll end up working all year 24/7. Could anyone give some pointers when would be good for me to keep clear a few days in anticipation of attending my first SGL SP? Thanks in anticipation..
  5. Well, finally ended up getting a 2nd hand PST with an aluminium case of eyepieces and some coloured filters, for £380 off ebay. Since having purchased it the sun has been very, very quiet, typically my luck but I must say I'm really enjoying viewing our nearest star and am very glad I made the decision to dip my feet into Solar. This has potential to get expensive...... Thanks for all your replies.
  6. Thanks guys for the honest responses, given me a lot to think about. So I have decided better off buying 2nd hand from the UK if I can find a Lunt50 or PST going, rather than new from abroad. (Or alternatively wait to see about the Quark price, would ideally need to see this in action first)
  7. Hi guys thanks for the replies. Yeh I've been checking FB daily on Second hand Astro sites, UK Astro Buy and sell and evry orher site that lists 2nd hand astro sruff...but not come across anything really. Or if I have, it's been close to the new purchase price like the 2nd hand PST on eBay going for £800 ...loads of watchers on it but they're probably like me seeing if anyone will buy it at that price! Looks like I might have to turn up at Solarsphere, solarless....lol
  8. Hi, I'm wanting to get in to solar observing but flipin' expensive to purchase a scope in this country. Nothing is coming up second hand so I am considering at purchasing a Lunt Ha scope from the states new at just over £700 and £65 P@P (Not checked 're customs add on yet) At this price it knocks spots of a UK price. My question is, will this travel alright as I've read that transporting Ha scopes can 'upset' them a bit....? Anyone have any thoughts or experience? If I keep waiting for a 2nd hand solarscope to come up it'll be winter... Thanks Lee
  9. Looking for a second hand Lunt LS50HaB600pt at the right price, to save my credit card £1258 potential addition, would need to be posted to West Wales though. (would consider a Coronado PST, just want to get solar observing in something different than white light), thanks Lee
  10. Hey guys Thanks for the replies, interesting stuff and loads to take in, I could really do with actually having a ganders through the different aspects of viewing ideally, solar film, Herschel wedge and solar scope, seeing as I've not actually looked through any....yet! Solarsphere 2018 then it is for me! http://www.solarsphere.events/
  11. Ah brill thanks Stu, I'm guessing that after a few goes with a baader solar film the sun spot novelty wears off. So thanks for the advice.... dedicated Ha scope it is (one day)
  12. Hi there, I've decided I'm going to make a solar filter for viewing the sun (baadar solar film) for my SW EVO80. After watching Pete Lawrence on this months Sky at Night, he put a H-Alpha filter on too. I'm a bit confused as there are so many different types of 1.25" H-Alpha filters at a vast range of prices. I'm wondering what type would be most beneficial if I was to purchase one, as the price of some of them, makes me think if I was to pay that much then it's quarter of the way to getting second hand Coronado PST and would possibly be better to save the money . I will be attaching an Olympus OMD EM-5 to view... So any advice is most welcome, thanks....
  13. I chose the wrong year to come back to astronomy, purchased a Starwatcher Evo 80ED (really, lovely optics) and a Vixen Porta II (lovely alt az) 3 weeks ago and used it once so far for 3 hours before the clouds came in. First light was actually the Grape and Olive restaurant in Swansea across the Bristol Channel form North Devon.....doesn't bode well.....
  14. umm... I'm blind as a bat (just what you need for astronomy) I'm minus 8.75 in my good eye, yes you heard correct, my good eye! I'm minus 10 in my duff one (right eye) and have a scleral buckle (implant) to hold this one altogether after a detached retina op, gives me an image but blurred one and a bit distorted too, thing is I'm right eyed dominant but now through necessity changing to EP viewing through my good eye...lol. I've tried viewing wearing contacts, good through the EP, hopeless at star hoping (don't have a goto...one on order now though) and viewing anything like safari on my phone forget it .. With my bottle ends on, it's much better for star hoping and reading phone aps, I take them off to view through the EP and adjust focus, thing is though I'm finding it very difficult using finder scope as I keep them on and try to use two eyes, one star hoping the other lining up through finder. To remedy this I'm going dual finder, and having a red dot and low mag finder. Hopefully this will do the trick. So after trial and error, glasses on for me. This may change and may be able to go contact lenses when I get my goto but with contacts you never get your prescription its always weaker and with my 'mince pies' I need as much help as I can get. I am an extreme case but I'm guessing they're are worse.
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