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  1. I use Camtasia, by default it won't accept MOV files but it will if the file extension is changed to MP4, have you tried changing the extension, worth a shot and the least amount of hassle if it works,
  2. That is awesome, backs up my right choice thanks to people as yourself. Thanks again.
  3. I bought it from somewhere else at a cheaper price than FLO, I would of bought from FLO as being the sponsor and all but Steve never returned my calls, he must have been busy. I did however get the Dob 200P as posted earlier and it is exactly what I want for my needs, thanks for all the help guys.
  4. Ha ha that is really odd as I have just downloaded that software and I am having a proper look at the .rtf manual. As for the poster above Reeny saying I need to be in a truly dark place, luckily I am in the sticks a bit and in failing that I can use my wifes purse as that's never seen the light of day, lol.
  5. Going for the 8" Dob as suggested Cheers peeps.
  6. Hi, I meant £250 for a scope, and I would most likely only take one shot at a time so a Dob could be the one. This one really peaked my interest, it was posted earlier on. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-150p-dobsonian.html
  7. Hi guys and thanks for all of the replies, So Dobsonian as I understand if the type of form factor, how the thing is built as opposed to tripod mounted. What will we be veiwing, well the ISS, Iridium/s if possible, the moon and if allowable some further planets. Would I like to take photographs, yes I would so I should of mentioned that. So I am still a tad stuck as to what would be me ideal scope. All good fun though
  8. Hi I am just starting out and I have read good things about Skywatcher telescopes so i'd take the plunge and spend around £200, all I am really after is a scoper that can produce a pretty clear image and last a while so that I don't want to rush out an but another scope incurring even more cost. I am going to list a few links if that's ok with a few thoughts and I hope I am on the right track. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Skywatcher-Explorer-Newton-Telescope-Parabolic/dp/B00CYHSZCC/ref=sr_1_99?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1386761431&sr=1-99&keywords=skywatcher Looks like a good scope b
  9. Hello I have never bought a telescope before and I am thinking about starting out as it would be a great interest for my Son to also get his teeth into, so I am looking for a few pointers to say the least but coming here is the best first step to make, so I shall be posting a help me post on the help board. Thanks peeps.
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