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  1. I found my old E510 and it has a ring attachment doo daa so just for giggles I'm gonna make a pipe assembly so it can be fitted to the scope.


    Thanks for all the info guys, going to hold off buying a camera for a short time whilst I get my head around stuff as I feel more confused than ever before, lol.

  2. Hi Guys/Gals

    I have been searching for a DSLR for my Skywatcher 200P and I was really hoping that I could get a little help.

    Budget £100 and under, needs some sort of remote/cable trigger or timer, reasonable megapixels and I am only interested in body only

    as with lens would put me over budget for sure, I only want to photograph the moon and camera must have ability for a T-Ring (for my scope - I think)

    Thanks for any help given


  3. ..........On my Skyliner 200P Dob there is a 9x50 finder scope.  If I grab the thin eyepiece section, it unscrews from the white body of the finder. I can then see the internals of the finder scope. Now if I hand hold my old Celestron corrector lens in place, I can see images the right way up.

    When I look at RACI finders, they look the same, as my finderscope barrel, only with a RACI eyepiece. What I`m hoping is that someone can yay or nay if its possible to just change the eyepiece end of the finder scope, instead of the whole finder scope.

    So changing just the eyepiece may solve the issue, Mmm I wonder, but methinks it is fixed in place, hopefully I am wrong though.

  4. ..........is it possible to just buy the diagonal section? On my 9x50 the eye lens, un-screws leaving only the main OTA. I can hold an old Celestron correcting lens in place and it works, just to prove my point, so I would only need the  diagonal, if I were to change mine.

    Not too sure what you mean there chap :)

  5. Hello again peeps.

    So I have a Dob Skywatcher 200p that is great fun and I have just come in from the cold and one thing is a slight issue, the finderscope is the upside down around the wrong way type, does anyone know where I can get a straight through type that will fit straight into the holder without any modifications.

    Many Thanks

    Yet again :|

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  6. Scoper............just brilliant matey, Glad your enjoying the new telescope. Two things, aligning the scope with Moon is fine, but Moon moves. If you need longer, align with Polaris. You can view that all night without really moving the scope. As for the Moons brightness, Leave the Dust cap on the telescope, but remove the one smaller cap that is inbuilt on the dust cap, It stows over the other raised  cap (which is fixed) This reduces the amount of light, It also reduces the aperture of the telescope, but is fine for lunar work. Maybe a Moon filter is required. But keep enjoying the views. You've also mentioned how good the supplied lenses are. In fact Sky watcher lenses are ok, but there' s better to behold. Get yourself an 8mm BST?

    Ha ha ha I thought that was just a spare holder, oh my lol, Thanks for the info big time, and will be looking at a 8mm BST via Google :)

  7. Hello Scoper,

    I am glad to hear that your first-light was so successful. Many have a lot of problems when getting started :-)

    If you think that view was nice, you'll be blown away with better eyepieces ;-)

    Later at night Mars becomes visible, and Saturn rises in the morning again too. Not as high in the sky, so medium magnification is best, but you should be able to see it's rings easily.

    Here a few things you should try:

    Orion nebula. It will blow you away and is easy to find.

    hχ Perseus (next to the "W" - Cassiopeia)

    Andromeda galaxy

    ...In the spring a lot of galaxies (M101, M57) and Nebulae become visible again that are amazing in 8", of course it does not hurt to point at them now :-)

    This is great information, just what I need, what sort if eye pieces should I go for? Im so bloomin excited, lol

  8. OMG OMG OMG that was awesome.

    Lastnight I had a quick looky with the 8" Dob for the first time, the scope was aligned ok so no collimation was needed which was a good start, I then preceeded to get the finder scope in the correct position for spotting and got that done easily by lining it up with the moon etc, I then looked at the moon properly with the supplied Super 25 Wide Angle Long Eye Relief eye piece and holy ploppy pants what a lovely view, I was in no way prepared for the amount of light that was coming into my own eys, it was a bit like close up flash photography.

    So I then decided to use the Super 10mm eye piece, well I nearly fainted, that was awesome, Im sure I saw Wallace & Gromit waving at me, lol, but seriously that was crazy the amount of detail I have seen already, so I turned my attention to a bright dot above the moon and slighty to the right, Google Sky Maps said it was Jupiter, so I had a look again with the Super 10mm and could not believe my eye's, I am looking at another Planet whilst I am in my back garden, I even saw the cloud formations as thin lines on the surface of Jupiter and two bright dots either side which I am guessing are the moons of Jupiter.

    This is my first ever look through a scope and it has blown me away, I can see why you guys buy all the gear and spend hours outside.

    A big thank you to all the people who helped me make the right choice of scope.


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