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  1. Thanks for the links very useful indeed as also was the info, I don't know why people say stay away, (never had any big problems that can't be sorted)
  2. I found my old E510 and it has a ring attachment doo daa so just for giggles I'm gonna make a pipe assembly so it can be fitted to the scope. Thanks for all the info guys, going to hold off buying a camera for a short time whilst I get my head around stuff as I feel more confused than ever before, lol.
  3. Thanks guys, yeah Im watching ebay aswell and may go to LCE and chop in a few point and shoot cameras I have to see if that helps.
  4. So many acronyms make me blind, lol Cheers
  5. Hi Guys/Gals I have been searching for a DSLR for my Skywatcher 200P and I was really hoping that I could get a little help. Budget £100 and under, needs some sort of remote/cable trigger or timer, reasonable megapixels and I am only interested in body only as with lens would put me over budget for sure, I only want to photograph the moon and camera must have ability for a T-Ring (for my scope - I think) Thanks for any help given
  6. So changing just the eyepiece may solve the issue, Mmm I wonder, but methinks it is fixed in place, hopefully I am wrong though.
  7. Er ok I shall get two of them then, lol
  8. Not too sure what you mean there chap
  9. Great post as I have some idea what to look for now.
  10. I'm glad OP posted this as I have not got a clue what I am doing even with Stellarium which at the moment just looks nice on my PC, however in the next few weeks and more I will be trying to get slef educated about the stuff we are all made of, thanks again OP.
  11. Thank YOU Getting it now and also getting Kindle for Android.
  12. Thanks guys, how much would you think I maye get for my Finderscope that came with the Telescope Cheers
  13. Thats the thing I was looking for, more money but hey ho. Thank you.
  14. Hello again peeps. So I have a Dob Skywatcher 200p that is great fun and I have just come in from the cold and one thing is a slight issue, the finderscope is the upside down around the wrong way type, does anyone know where I can get a straight through type that will fit straight into the holder without any modifications. Many Thanks Yet again :| Sent from my B1-A71 using Tapatalk
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