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  1. Finally have a calm and clear night. Telescope all set up and good to go for the first time in about 4 weeks.

  2. Got my new 24mm MaxVision 68deg eyepiece delivered yesterday. Just a pity the awful weather has taken a turn for the even worse!

  3. After being made redundant as a warehouse operative about 18 months ago, I needed an excuse to wear my thermal long johns again. My current job doesn't give me that opportunity, so buying a telescope gave me a valid reason for staying out in the freezing cold for a prolonged period of time. Plus that Brian Cox geezer on the BBC is a pretty cool guy and I wanna be the next keyboardist in D:Ream.
  4. Nice choice of scope. The visuals are very good and a bit of photography of the moon and Jupiter isn't too bad either (as LeeWilky illustrates above). As for the eyepieces supplied with the scope, the 25mm is very decent and worth keeping hold of. The 10mm isn't too good though so I would recommend changing your high power for something like a BST Starguider 8mm from skies_unlimited (Sky's The Limit) on eBay. Will set you back £49, but the upgrade is well worth it. Enjoy and clear skies!
  5. Good work. The camera on your S3 is evidently better than the one on my S2! Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk
  6. Glad you got your scope sorted out and glad you managed to get outside and have a good night observing. Make the most of the clear nights because they've been few and far between recently!
  7. I went ahead and ordered the 24mm MaxVision 68deg for 79 Euros. The 82deg one was just too expensive. I also ordered a Castell UHC 1.25" filter as a cheaper alternative to a Baader one. Looking forward to trying them out when they arrive.
  8. That 24mm MaxVision looks a very nice piece for the money and the reviews are very good. Will probably order one tonight! Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks. I will have a look around in the next few days and get a filter ordered. Think I will wait on the eyepiece for the time being. Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk
  10. Have a play around with the settings on your phone/camera. Because I was holding the phone, I made sure I enabled shake reduction. Have a play around and see what works best. Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk
  11. Sorry, my budget for the eyepiece would be around £80 I think. The supplied eyepiece is pretty good and I am quite happy to use it, it's just that the 2" SWA PanaView has whetted my appetite for another similar wide angle eyepiece. Perhaps for the time being at least, I may stick with my current 25mm and upgrade at a later date. I have enough good eyepieces with the Starguiders and the 32" PanaView. Thanks for the advice anyway! Any thoughts on nebula filters? Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk
  12. I think the reason is because I have the supplied 25mm eyepiece which is pretty decent but I want to upgrade. I am new to the whole thing so just looking for advice more than anything. Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk
  13. I didn't use any adapter. Just pointed the phone in two hands and hoped for the best! I had tried it right up to the eyepiece, but it seemed a little blurred and out of focus, so I moved my hands back maybe a couple of inches from the eyepiece and did it that way. My scope is an 8" Dob and I took those pics through an 18mm Starguider. Sent from my GT-I9100P using Tapatalk
  14. These are shots I took a few days ago of the moon by pointing my phone at the eyepiece.
  15. (Posted this in the wrong section, I know. Thought I was in the equipment section. Obviously not! Oops).
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