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  1. Thanks Rhys, will get my wiki studying going!
  2. Tried the ol' Google method and that list is exactly the one I printed out to work through, along with the luna map, depicting small numbers over the surface for location marks of the 100 objects.. Problem is... if you take number 8 as an example what does "Crater sequence illustrating stages of degradation" or say number 57 "Conspicuous swirl and magnetic anomaly" actually look like if you've never seen them before.. Anyway good news, my generic android device has produced a USGS map of all these items... I'll let you know how I get on with it, it lets you zoom in and navigate around, even orientates to a Newtonian or diagonal view... Andy, id considered magnification... hence the order of a ES84 4.7mm....
  3. I guess this is assuming that the majority of the viewers have not looked through a scope you would want "wow" factor, I mean the first time I saw the Ring nebular in a 5" scope gave me a real indiction of a faint fuzzy and a shot of realism for what I was about to see moving forward... not the big stunning hubble type images.. the beehive and the double cluster in Perseus are good targets for a wow factor..
  4. Fozzie

    Supernova in M82

    Yeesssssss! Something quite mesmerizing about this.... Great viewing tonight, spent ages just tracking it with the 8mm tv.. Lovely stuff.
  5. Fozzie

    M42 using a couple TAKs

    what text???? Just look at that Picture!!!!!!
  6. She's a big ol' Ep that's for sure.. cheapest I've seen is £96 from but average is £130... FLo have a similar Skywatcher SWA at sub £90 which is the same specification.. At circa 550+g it will cause some balance issues, I know my 17mm SWA does.. There are probably better options.. lots of people suggest the BST explorers and Revelation plossls as a good step up from the stock eyepeices..
  7. I've got the 17mm version, for Christmas, bought from FLO (ps thanks for the chocolate, nice touch!).. first impressions other than the sheer size are good. I have a gripe about the lens cap as it just falls off, and im not a big fan of using it on the 1.25, so I have to change adaptors to the 2" when using it (no real issue I guess) I'd say I've been best pleased with it on the double cluster, M81 & M82 but I was more involved in gawping rather than looking for edge defects in the fov.. im happy to do a write up from a newbie perspective, but if anyone wants to give me some bullet point & headlines I'm more than happy to give a shot at a bit more of an depth review..
  8. Thanks to SGL tonight and a quick word with myself about not finding them last Saturday... Just put Bode's and the cigar on the list, although it's as windy as dinner of sprouts and cabbage, and the moon seems bright for its stage, relatively pleased with the view of the 25mm TV and the 17mm SWA. Noice!
  9. "It's not you, your a wonderful scope and I like your EP's too.. It's just me I'm not feeling right about it" Should have been the last words I said to her on Thursday. Even though I managed a good look a bodes and the cigar, I found the overall experience frustrating. I kept on getting blackouts, never had it before, but no matter which EP I used, I couldn't spend time viewing through them as I kept blacking out the image as if I was looking through the EP all wrong.. I'd see eyelashes black patches n all sorts in the fov... Was it an off day or is there a reason that this can happen?
  10. It does sound simple.... Still very frustrating, I was having to rotate the ota for the dearest one and she's a good foot n a bit shorter so my usual yoga positions were even more extreme... Maybe I should get her a big dob, be easier for both of us then!
  11. Hay Reeny, I was hunting the owl along with M108 & M109 last Saturday, came across a distinct circular change in contrast, but almost undetectable.. Even tried adding the Oiii & UHC filters to see if it would help the contrast, which it did, just, as I decided I didn't need an optician just yet, but it left me wanting more and I couldn't for the life of me get M108 or M109.. Going to try again tomorrow but with the moon up n bright I might be better staying with the clusters..
  12. I agree, I mean in comparison these are a small target compared with Andromeda, but in some way they seemed more punchier, brighter and full of contrast last night.. All those stars, worlds and gases just there in a small 25mm plossl... another wow moment I think.. So John, recommend any 3 for 1 deal I should be looking at?
  13. Hi, can any one recommend a good quality accessory case for eyepieces and filers.. You can quickly add up some value in these, and i'd like to look after them! Thanks in advance.
  14. Quick as a flash.. There's a maplins not too far from me in Bradfordshire, will go have a look and see if it will accommodate that 17mm SWA 2" monster I was given for Christmas. Thanks for the responses!
  15. Morning, I think left turn gives two views, one through at mid size dob/reflector then one through a small refractor as the two images are flipped to represent the views, it also gives a finder view as well. its seasonal to the northern hemisphere but has a section on southern skys towards the back. Its a great book for starting out with... lots of info
  16. Fozzie

    Finding Andromeda

    Top stuff... enjoy, i'm still driving my desk before a good hours drive home! (all sympathy welcome and warmly received!)
  17. Fozzie

    Finding Andromeda

    I last viewed at about 22:00 on saturday, its a fairly easy to star hop on to if you know some of the pointers.. I've found these charts quite helpful.. http://www.astro-tom.com/messier/messier_finder_charts/messier_maps.htm Chart 3 shows the location of andromeda
  18. Just came in from 3 hours of dodging clouds... House sitting at a place with a big back garden on the moor side near Ilkley. not the darkest of places but better than my garden by a hulluva long way.. Recently fitted a Rigel QF to the scope, what a difference it has made, can't tell you how impressed I am with it.. Didn't need to search for anything, it just seemed to be there!!! So I've had a brief look at M1, M42, M43, M44, M45, M31, M34, M35, M36, M37, M38, Jupiter and her moons followed by the double cluster in Perseus, which by the way, WOW.. Did I mention WOW to the double cluster.... I have to say I was given a 17mm SWA skywatcher eyepiece for Christmas the thing is the size of a hand grenade but it does seem to deliver some good views.... Take the above with a pinch though, everything look right to my newbie eyes, compared with left turn, but I could be wrong! Still great night, loved it!
  19. Fozzie

    Best viewing night yet!

    Yeah I guess the transparency wasn't all that, I had Jupiter with my 9mm & 8mm teased as much detail as I could, no spot but I think after 10mins I could just make out more than the usual two dark bands.. Took me ages to find M1 but no detail just a faint change in contrast, so stuck with clusters apart from andromeda. To say I've only viewed a dozen times this was the best yet, kind of glad I'm still at the stage where any hole in the clouds is a goal worth looking through!
  20. Fozzie

    Orion Nebula

    You can just make it out with the mk1 eyeball (I think!!!) about halfway between the head of Perseus and "delta" star in Cassiopeia... Nice low power, wide field... Again WOW... Happy hunting and clear sky's to you!
  21. Fozzie

    Orion Nebula

    Sounds very similar to mine, simply a great evening and very unexpected with all the clouds around! Got about 10mins on orion before it ducked behind a fir tree however spent the last 3 hours just seeing new things. Try the double cluster in Perseus.... Just wow. Glad you enjoyed yourself.
  22. Are those the stock eye pieces.. Anyone else looking at that eyepiece and saying "That doesn't look right..." the astro master comes with the standard EP's (25mm & 10mm) or a 20mm imaged erecting one. I bought an astro master new 6 months ago and got the image erecting eyepiece (20mm) and a standard 10mm.. Both had rubber eye cups and relatively small apertures.. I cant see any rubber eye cup on that photo, could this be an issue with the eyepieces? Maybe a close up of the EP and then the EP in place may help?
  23. I had an astromaster 130 a few months back, it's not a bad starter scope at all.. I didn't have any trouble with focusing but there are a few little tricks to check if its collimation or the focuser.. To check the collimation, very rough and ready, take all of the caps off, don't put an eyepiece in, look down the focuser, if the scope is somewhat in line you should be able to see a reflection of your eye in the mirrors which are all central. The instruction book on page 28 has a picture showing this. My Scope was new out of the box, it was a little off but not that much... http://www.celestron.com/c3/images/files/downloads/1219957574_astromasterinst.pdf I don't think the focuser has a lock nob on it like the skywatchers do, its a moulded plastic affair, two screws underneath to give access to the cog that turns the rack of the focuser tube. It may be worth checking to see if these are aligned so the focuser is actually moving.. From memory you should have a range of about 3" (guess!!). The stock lenses, could be an issue, mine came with an image corrected 20mm and a stock 10mm, didn't care much for either but they did work and I got relatively clear images of the moon on my first night before changing them, check and see they look clean, not damaged etc... Other than that, not really sure or experienced enough to comment... Good luck, hope this helps!
  24. Fozzie

    first post!

    Welcome along! Its a good scope, you'll be pleased with it, no doubt. I am with mine.. Clear Sky's

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