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  1. Crumbs it's getting cold... Enough playtime withe frac, time to put the newt on for an hour or two!

  2. The evostar 90 has just made my day.. I've got a good half dozen street lights 100ft away, and sat in the shade of a lovely thick Hawthorne bush I'm just chuffed to bits how we'll it's done.. The semi apo filter can have a thumbs up too!

  3. Anybody else see a small black orb pass in front of Jupiter arond 23:35.. satellite maybe..?

  4. yeeesss clear skys... it might be LP'd to heck but I went for the evo90 over the 200p and im genuinely pleased with the choice.. all smiles!

  5. Eyup... Welcome along, clear sky's to you.
  6. Here's a question russ.. Does the 24mm 1.25" have any disadvantage over the 2" 24mm which the ES variant is... My 18mm is the 2" so focus adaptor juggling will be a must from there downwards..?
  7. This is my humble offering, a few spaces to fill, a 20mm TVP on its way for one of them.. Would like to add a 7mm xcel lx, 14mm ES82, and a wide field above 24mm yet to be decided upon.. Maybe some 2" filters too... Thanks for looking.
  8. And a welcome 2p at that... I think some times it's how the EP frames an object rather than how much fov you can see, and the subtle differences in the contrast and appearance between the different ep's gives you a chance if hitting a sweet spot...
  9. M13 in the 8mm TVP... Best I've seen it.. Big wow moment must have spent a good hour with it.. Tired now, bed time!

    1. Fozzie


      I was using the 200p explorer, on the shore of Windermere as away this weekend..

    2. emadmoussa


      Aha, less LP makes a difference!!

    3. Fozzie


      It did.... Although I frightened a few ducks with a big sneeze at half3.... They didn't half make a fuss!

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  10. Now I had been thinking about a 68deg over 30mm one... I think the 25mm TVP gives a darker more contrasty view...
  11. Morning all.. I'm considering one of the above, leaning towards the 24mm as my wide field EP.. Hoping to gain some considered opinions, I've read the cloudy night thread on the topic, but it doesn't really give a definitive answer... Many Thanks Fozzie
  12. This is the one I was thinking... http://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes/skywatcher-heritage-130p-flextube.html It's a good point on the binoculars too, very portable and easy to use..
  13. Evening Alek, your in the right place for advice that's for sure, the forum sponsor has a link on beginner scopes that you might find useful to gauge what is out there.. Personally I've read good things about the 130 dobsonian based scope, it's light, portable will sit on a table top for casual observing, should give a good start and allow you to just point at an object easily enough... http://www.firstlightoptics.com/beginner-telescopes.html I'm sure others will be along soon too with more helpful advice, it might also be worth looking checking out the links in the getting started with observing section on what to expect to see.. Very good reading. Best of luck with your decision and clear skys
  14. Stripped it down and flocked it up, rebuilt and out viewing in under 2 hours... very pleased!

  15. This errrr, this evostar 90 is kinda cute... Be interesting to see what it can do...

  16. Many thanks for the responses, think i'll give the astrozap a bash..
  17. Afternoon all, Managed to obtain a evostar90 for the princely sum of £64... Long term i'm thinking of giving it to my brother & nephew as they have shown a passing interest but for now I thought it might be fun for a travel scope and also to see if and what mods can be done for solar observing... Any thoughts on the best, cost effective mods for this aperture scope.. thanks in advance..
  18. Fingers crossed. a local public house near to me just added some "extra" lights outside and painted the walls bright white too, you know for reflective purposes, but then it is called the white horse.... the sky glow is genuinely impressive, and it's I don't believe it's the kind of place you would pop in and say "would you mind awfully turning the lights off outside, it's causing absolute havoc with my telescoping aspirations to night, washing everything out and my skyglow filter just cant cope" Hope you get some home observing done soon
  19. Thanks for the responses... I missed out on a c6 recently (FLO sale... You've got to be real quick!) that would have been ideal... I do keep considering a mak if I'm thinking about planets and moon... That might be a better option...
  20. Afternoon all, I just wondered if anyone had any experience with this scope, I'm thinking holiday portability as opposed to the 200p I have.. would sit it on the eq5.. cant find any reviews on it per say but i'm expecting it to be a stable mate of the evostar100... which again I cant really find any reviews on.. (mainly because everybody buys TAL's) Thanks in advance
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