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  1. I spotted 46P last night in the 15x70mm Bins, didn't get chance to get a scope on to her though.. I did grab a quick widefield single frame with the DSLR which showed it, but it was at 17mm on a crop sensor so very wide and very small. Hoping to get a nice framing with the portrait with the "sisters" over the weekend.. that's my 4th comet, which feels like a bit of an achievement.. well to me anyway! Happy viewing! Ta Fozzie
  2. That tripod hub is great, very nicely put together..
  3. A little short for a storm trooper isn't he? Sorry had to be done...Good luck with sale!!
  4. This.... exactly what I use with mine, and a nice 50deg EP..
  5. Cracking scope, looks a lovely set up you've got there.. I've had nothing but great times with mine, punches it's weight for an achro too.. Mine gave me some fantastic views last year during the beast from the east.. superb and contrasty and held magnification over 400x.. You'll enjoy that under dark sky's!
  6. That is some very neat wood repairing, and the finish is looking excellent to boot, lovely warm deep mahogany colour! Very nice work Alan. Ta Fozzie
  7. I know, sometimes I don't even feel like a proper stargazer.. ?
  8. Hi Mark, I while back our sponsors @FLO were offering the NexStar Evolution mounts only, which as a bundle come with a 925 OTA. link below.. (not sure if it was a celestron thing or it just happened as usually they are bundled with scope) https://www.firstlightoptics.com/nexstar-evolution-telescopes/celestron-nexstar-evolution-925-telescope.html It seems exactly what you are looking for, just a slightly larger version of the SE mount... Might be worth a few emails to see if anyone would split a bundle for you.. It's like an 8SE only bigger! Ta Fozzie
  9. 3 vixen mounts each.. positively shameful the pair of you! I need to up my vixen game, maybe, I do have a case full of SLV's too, and only one scope, and two mounts already.. but... i'm sure there's a reason for more vixen...
  10. That's a great find and will make a great project.. I do love a wooden tripod build and back story.. Have you seen OSMO Wood Reviver Power Gel.. My timber Guy back here when I asked about silvered timber recommended it.. might be worth a try to see if it brings those Ash legs up even nicer than you've already got them after all these years. OSMO do some nice clear Stains and varnish type applications also.. I used some of the clear and Red Cedar on one of my projects, came out nicely.. Good luck with the project, will follow with interest! Ta Fozzie
  11. Struggling to find that TS puck anywhere at the moment.. looks ideal if it is suitable for non tak equipment.. I'll keep looking.. I was close to going for a gp-dx with goto.. should have done it in hindsight.. what's the sphinx aimed at, 10kg load?
  12. Hold the phone!! Just found this.. Looking to see if TS still do one.. @Stu @graham56
  13. Is it sinful to have 2 great vixen mounts.. not in my world it's not!! Iv e just stripped the GP dec motor down, removing the top saddle.. I'm now classing it as optimistic that the ADM up grade will fit both.. but very confident my original idea would work too.. As I say would be good to know if the saddle suits both though! Good work @Stu look forward to your installation reports lol.. Ta Fozzie
  14. I'd noticed this yesterday, no hanging about from auntie @FLO. Could be a good seller.. @Stu do you still have a GP mount or just the GPDX.. I don't think this saddle is compatible but it would be good to know? (If you make the upgrade that is!) Ta Fozzie
  15. Well I'd say it looks like you've done great refurbishment job on it.. not had the pleasure if looking through the vixen f10 achro, but read very good things about them.. who doesn't love a good 100mm frac.
  16. @graham56 I've been meaning to ask, hope you don't mind, what is the lovely looking vixen (moonlighted?) frac in the corner please..?
  17. If you do try this out would be very interested in the step by step photos... love my GP mount, having a saddle attached would be perfect! Ta Fozzie
  18. Or.... https://www.admaccessories.com/product/dual-gpdx-dual-series-saddle-fits-celestron-vixen-gpdx-mounts/ Maybe @FLO could advise if this ADM is available and it fits the vixen GP/ GPDX.. Not sure why I've not seen it before?
  19. As graham has done really, but (for me anyway) the idea of using a saddle over a single holding bolt is added stability, so if I was going to upgrade to a saddle, I'd want more than the original bolt holding the vixen dove tail and saddle to the mount... seems the weakest point still, yes your not damaging the scopes dovetail but you can easily replace those, and the same issue is still there, if that fails everything still goes. My thoughts were to utilise the holes/fixing points already on the mount, in order to secure the saddle. Just like the ADM EQ5 upgrade kit, making the original single bolt redundant (so to Speak).. Below is what I had "envisaged" would work.. Remove the existing top fixings on the GP mount (as circled) Buy a saddle and vixen Dovetail Fix saddle to Dovetail Drill through saddle and dovetail to match the exisiting fixings on the GP mount, counter sink these. Fit larger bots through the saddle and dovetail into the GP mount securing the entire assembly to the top of the mount. I "assume this would be more stable, and as a secondary back up you could then use the M8 bolt option, through the original against the side of the dove tail.. 3 points of fixing, two physically tied to the mount and one contact at the side. Im no sketch artist, but something like this.. Hope that shows what was in my minds eye.. It was just a thought I had a few moons ago.. Still interested in this upgrade the saddle I have on my skyteeII is a very nice secure but of kit. Thanks Steve
  20. Yes that M8 bolt does solve the saddle clashing issue, nice solution.. I've toyed with this upgrade, the standard (as far as i know) ADM for EQ5 doesn't fit, so my thoughts we similar to above, however i would like to not rely on a single M8 bolt to hold the cradle, I'd toyed with the idea of using the ADM vixen to losmandy adapter £108 from FLO and having my machine guy drill holes that corresponded with the fixings on my GP, then using oversize fixings to secure the entire thing, so the original GP fixing is then a "back up".. No easy way or off the shelf upgrade that i could find.. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adm-vixen-type-v-series/adm-vixen-to-losmandy-adapter.html Let us know how you get on Stu.. Ta Fozzie
  21. In respect to the tripod options, have you considered a Pier mount such as this.. https://www.primalucelab.com/astronomy/tripods-piers/skywatcher-pier-for-heq5.html just a thought when minimum leg spread on a "standard" tripod is not an option.. Ta Fozzie
  22. Used to spend hours playing turrican and project firestart.... thought my world had changed for ever when the kid up the street got an Atari ST.. oh my days, did I save for ever to buy one of those!! Then another kid got a Nintendo.. game changer.. I ended up with a master system and then a mega drive.. those were golden days, of bike rides, bullheading down the local beck and epic marathon gaming sessions just watching an other kid play his new console that captivated us for hours.. now the longest I spend staring at the same view is on the commute home from work.. Good luck with the power up Chris.. ps im on for a safe bet with mine.. if the kids don't enjoy it, I most certainly will!!!
  23. BTW I didn't open the box and the itch has passed! the Box is safe for a little time yet.. feel quite proud of myself.
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