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  1. Afternoon, I recently came across a photo taken in the Easter of 1997 of Hale-Bopp passing over an Easter cross that is annually placed on top of Otley Chevin. The photo had been posted on the community social media page, and just simply asked, "who remembers this?" Now back in 1997 I was 17 years old, about to go to sit my mid terms AS levels and seriously interested in football. Astronomy wasn't on my to do list, I'd never looked through a scope or binoculars at the stars, however I did, thanks to various TV programmes, have a fascination with space, universe, Klingons, Cylons and Captain Kirk. I remember numerous occasions of my dad pointing out mars and Jupiter to the naked eye, when I was even younger, I remember seeing shooting stars and a host of other goodies, but I have absolutely no memory of this event, even at 17 years old, I must have somehow missed it.. and I can't even blame it on being distracted by anything... not even girls! So I thought I'd ask, what do you remember of this event or galactic showpiece? here's the photo that prompted me to ask BTW Be interested to here your memories, might help my amnesia because I can't possibly have missed it... can I? Ta Fozzie
  2. After last nights colour version I've revisited the data I took and converted to mono through PiPP, which is what I usualy do with lunar, same achro and camera 300 frames this time.. AS3 and wavelets in rs6. interesting comparison as I felt the colour lost some detail, however it maybe appears not.. last nights colour todays mono Still though back to some imaging which is good.. Ta Fozzie
  3. Fozzie

    September 1, 2018: Colourful Copernicus

    twice for me.... lovely crisp smooth detail in there Michael.
  4. My first lunar for quite some time, got a bit of refreshing to do I think.. Starwave achro, canon 750d, iso200, 1/200, this is a stack of 150 from 600. Hope you like.. ta fozzie
  5. Not my usual fair for photograph targets, but it took so long and 3 attempts to finally locate 21P thought the haze and light pollution that I couldn't resist point I g the DSLR at it.. just for fun.. and also to make sure I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing!! Just a single frame iso3200, 20 seconds canon 750d on the 102mm f11 achro.. Ta Fozzie
  6. Fozzie

    Luna 31/08/18

    Excellent set John.. I've not got out in ages, planning a run tonight and these great images have just wet the old appetite no end.. Thanks for sharing Fozzie
  7. Fozzie

    Mount dilema

    Or you can get the extension piece... makes the mount a big old beast though!
  8. Fozzie

    Mount dilema

    I started with my starwave on an eq5 mount, very early in my astronomy life, and just didn't get on with it as it was none tracking and u was using using slow motion cables to keep nudging at high power.. found myself concentrating more on what my hands were doing and where the cables were as opposed to what one as observing.. especially as I'm only really use 50deg eps for high power.. As I also had a 200p, I sold the eq5 and bought a skytee2.. it'll handle the starwave very well no doubt, even better on a nice berlebach.. but again the same issue of manually tracking, narrow field of view, quick targets so to speak.. I have since picked up a second hand vixen GP with tracking motors. Totally changed my viewing experience.. Both the skytee and an eq5 class mount will work very well with the starwave.. I prefer my vixen GP, with motor tracking.. it just works, allowing me spend more time observing, waiting for those fleeting moments of seeing that give you fantastic views.. wonder how many of those ive missed searching for slow no controls. Ta Fozzie
  9. Fozzie

    Anyone been to Santorini?

    It's been a few years, almost 10, but I'd say the south and north east of the Island would have the darkest most accessible areas. I hired a Jimny 4x4 because they are so much fun, and although I expect the tracks are not too bad now from the tarmac road, some 10 years ago were a bit Challenging for a fiat uno.. that said, sky wise south from perissa beach was dark, there's a fantastic light house akrotiri where I imagine the south sky is glorious. not sure if you've seen this photo, I know it's stacked exposures but gives an indication of sky/light pollution. I bet anywhere away from the glare of street lights it'll get dark very quickly overhead. Only other thing to say is watch out for the one way street as your driving in to Thera from the south, it starts at the Hotel Daedalus.. The signs were rubbish, and I "shot" passed it only to be reprimanded by slightly withered looking Greek lady who almost broke a window telling me to turn round.. Judging by the stream of Rental cars that had to do similar manoeuvres I wasn't the only one who didn't see that sign, I think she had her work cut out if you ask me!! Have fun, Ta Fozzie
  10. Fozzie

    What did the postman bring?

    I've misplaced by skywatcher 2" extender (actually think I sold it with the 200p) so I needed another to allow the canon to focus on the frac.. ordered a revelation astro, self centre 50mm and 2"-1.25" self.centre adaptor.. ordered Wednesday pm, turned up yesterday.. Nice Smooth action and CNC finish! Looking forward to some lunar imaging now! Ta Fozzie
  11. Fozzie

    Mount for Skymax 90

    Bit like this.... Works ok with an st80 for grab and go short sessions! Ta Fozzie
  12. Fozzie

    Live rocket launch

    50 mins untill launch coverage starts again.....
  13. Oooohhh caught another one.. just, almost didn't spot it as a plane photobombed the frame.. Heavy crop but it's there! Ta Fozzie
  14. Fozzie

    Persieds Last night (Friday)

    Saw a few fantastic ones last night and one really odd one.. It was starkly golden colour in the east low down, so it looked like it was skirting roof tops, perfectly horizontal heading south to north.. looked like it was dripping molten material as it went, quite slow lasted about 3 or 4 seconds.. wife saw it too while we were sat out watching.. Heck of a thing!
  15. Best I got last night... iso800 20s on canon750d Ta Fozzie
  16. You could try this... Settings > Accessibility > Vision > Colour Lens. Turn this function on, select RED, increase the Opacity, and then adjust screen brightness.. looks like this if you do... Ta Fozzie
  17. That sounds impressive, and it looks a great set up.. I tried to pick up my 4.5Kg 100m frac, skytee2, extension and wooden tripod the other night to get at mars from round a tree and that was hernia territory right there, so I guess @John must have been working out to pick up that little lot. Just want to say the scope looks great, and it's has certainly spiked a lot of interest... credit to John and FLO for arranging this review. I wonder if another recent releases have owed so much (potential) success to early reviews like this.. Especially with the mystery around the lens.. I think it's great that as a forum and sponsor so much knowledge can be imparted relatively quickly through these collaborations.. Well done both for taking this on. Looking forward to the conclusions.. Ta Fozzie PS forecast looks good for North Somerset until Saturday.. so no rest bite their then! x
  18. Fozzie


    To be fair it was the nearest sighting I had of a pink, cratered, cracked and inhospitable environment I saw last night thanks to total cloud.. Absolutely lashed it down for an hour at 2am as I was hoping for a run at mars, that didn't happen either!
  19. Fozzie


    I hope it clears soon, the wife's on at me about a foot massage and I'm running out of excuses!
  20. Fozzie

    The wood tripod twins

    It looks good in black too, compliments the wood very well.. and makes a huge difference to the stability..
  21. This is the first time I've put my two mounts out together, mainly because I've only got one scope at the moment but I wanted to see them side by side now the home made tripods are both finished.. The left is Iroko, fixed height, the right is sapele and adjustable, carrying a skytee2 and my (favorite) Vixen GP. I obviously can't decide between the two (vixen, always) but the skytee will allow a bigger scope in the future! Ta Fozzie
  22. Fozzie

    The wood tripod twins

    Gents, many thanks on the positive comments.. I promise no more tripod build threads for a while.. those observing chairs look nice though, don't they!
  23. Fozzie

    The wood tripod twins

    Hiya John. The lighter tripod (left) is made from Iroko wood, essentially an African teak alternative . The right is made from sapele, african mahogany alternative.. ordered both through Clive Walker Timber in Hunslet, they've a selection of hardwoods from walnut to ash.. Check out the threads in the DIY section.. bit more detail there.. Ta Steve
  24. Hi All, So it's been about a year since I started the last tripod build, and I enjoyed the accomplishment and the use of the tripod on the Vixen GP that much that I've decided to give it another go for the EQ5 tripod/SkyteeII mount I have laying dormant at home. The plan is for a fixed height tripod, of approximately 1400mm with a section size of 75mm x 30mm. This will be a much heavier duty tripod than the last, as it has no moving parts and is intended for use with the skyteeII, especially if I get another Newt or heavier scope. The design is based around the Tak EM200 SE tripods, fixed height, strong, wooden.. Although I will be added a few extra bits to push wood working skills a bit more. the loose plans are as follows I'll use the same rubber spiked feet as previous and I've selected a different wood, as the Sapele wood I previously used after 3 teak oil coats and a year of life under the stars has really darkened up to a deep, deep, mahogany effect.. Looks great, works great, but I fancy something lighter this time round. I've chosen another African type, Iroko Wood, which although doesn't take treatment/preservatives overly well, should look (hopefully something) like this when oiled, which is the only finish i'll be applying. Should be picking the timber up this week, which has cost me around £62, I've got left over fixings from last time, so I think this should be comfortably under £100. Will need to by a Chain, rubber feet and inserts.. Will keep updated on progress. Ta Fozzie link to the previous build FYI
  25. Fozzie

    Completed - fixed height hardwood tripod

    Me too.. My phone once changed International to irrational as I typed in a hurry and didn't spot it.. Biggest issue was I was talking on social media with the wife and her friends about international women's day... that sort of autocorrect malfunction will get you in the dog house no doubt about it! Still costing me now that one I think..

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