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  1. I'm sure I read somewhere that as brighter sky's means larger pupil then more light more detail.. too an extent though surly.. It was the impression the news piece gave me that our moon was some how providing illumination that I found poor.. Still though might set up and have a go once the kids are in bed..
  2. I am slightly sceptical if I'm honest...
  3. Fozzie


    Can he/has he update(d) all the drivers for the camera.. similar issue discussed here.. http://www.iceinspace.com.au/forum/showthread.php?p=1389236 I had similar issues USB 1 to USB 2 when I built a few PC's back in the day (read lots of years ago) from a collection of older work machines.. a proper Frankenstein job, but they were free and saw me through university.. wouldn't hurt to try.. Ta Fozzie
  4. Fozzie

    Unknown Tripod needs repairs

    @Newbs2215 bracket is in todays post so hopefully it will be with you by Wednesday.. Let us know how you get on with it.. Don't worry about the postage... just pay it forward if you get the opportunity. Ta Fozzie
  5. Because I know it's there.... waiting.... ready to be opened... That and I'm doing this stoptober thing... no alcohol now for 21 days... idle hands and all that..
  6. Fozzie

    Unknown Tripod needs repairs

    No problem.. something like this might work.. DM me your address and I'll post it out to you... you'll just need to fix it to the tripod leg. Ta Fozzie
  7. Fozzie

    Unknown Tripod needs repairs

    The mount repair might not be too bad.. you can use a few L section brackets from any DIY store.. pack of 10 for around £5ish.. You'll need to use a HSS drill bit and clamp to cut a larger hole in possibly.. but you should end up with something like this.. Do you still have the fixing for the spreader to the legs.. as in the through bolt? I'll have a look tonight when I get in.. I might have some of the little metal brackets left over you can have a couple if that's the case.. Ta Fozzie
  8. wonder what that'd look like through my lunt wedge?
  9. I'm hoping they'll be past the stage where the wrapping paper is more exciting...
  10. Fozzie

    Eq5 Steel tripods versus Berlebach wood tripods.

    A few of us have, including myself, @Moonshane and @rikroe666, links below.. I think @philj is a font of knowledge here too... a few links below wood is good. Ta Fozzie
  11. Fozzie

    Eq5 Steel tripods versus Berlebach wood tripods.

    I think the main advantages of wooden tripods over the stock steel tripods, such as the 1.75" EQ5 steel is the noticeably reduced dampening times, especially if your set up on concrete flags or a hard standing where even the slightest foot step can transmit vibrations to the EP. I'm not in a position fortunate enough to comment on the build quality, of berlebach tripods as I've only ever aspired to having one, however for a basic uni18, and spreader costing circa £390 new, it's not something, with a young family, I can justify.. Instead I built my own, with spreader for around the 3rd of the price, and the difference from my own to the steel tripods is remarkable, so I can only guess what it would be like from steel to a quality product from berlebach.. a lot to like I suggest. Ultimately I think wood looks better, handles better in cold than steel, has better vibration dampening, and with the range that berlebach offer, you can go for different finishes and more choice depending on your requirements. I do agree with the use of a spreader bar, especially on flags or concrete, as it makes any tripod more stable than just a chain, especially if those flags/concrete are a bit green and slippy during damp winter months. Although I know some have found them restrictive.. (I bought two second hand) I think a wooden tripod with a ed120 would be a cracking match up, with either an Alt/az or EQ mount atop. Ta Fozzie
  12. Fozzie

    Solutions for arms that are too short......

    Your welcome... Sheet Music stand? Might not be as stable but smaller foot print...
  13. Fozzie

    Solutions for arms that are too short......

    Have you considered a tilting design/art table.. would give you a stable platform to work from, places to clip books, paper, charts too.. even hang a red light from.. all on wheels so you could move around.. and when flat, a table to store astro goodies on when not I use.... https://m.costway.co.uk/tiltable-tabletop-drawing-table-craft-art-drafting-easel-folding-desk-w-stool.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw0oveBRAmEiwAzf6_rLtXTzsODzf_dttmKd--Z2yPPoA9lZ8aeTOvx5Zh_NCBDjrQOLd8vxoC6RQQAvD_BwE Like this... Ta Steve
  14. Fozzie

    Turning a Vixen GP into a goto

    Mmmmmm thanks for the replies gents.. I might have to think of another route if I want go to.. The GP has been quite happy for many years tracking along without a care in the world, I feel I might be foolish to meddle with the motors for fear of it upsetting and stopping working.. Id rather leave it than swap it all out, as simple an action as that may be.. I had thought about astro EQ, but then I don't want the hassle of a laptop and further power supplies.. Best brush up on my star hopping then... Thanks again gents.. Ta Fozzie
  15. Fozzie

    Turning a Vixen GP into a goto

    I guess i'm ultimately hoping not to have to swap out the motors.. kind of seems a bit unnecessarily unnecessary (if that make sense) as they work very well indeed.... Your right on the tip negative, i had fun trying to get a battery to work with the DD3.. had to get a special cable and then cross the polarity for it to work, which was fun..
  16. Currently holidaying in North Norfolk near Cromer, taken a stroll down the promenade for a few night time shots.. I've up the saturation, as I thought I could detect a near hint of something.. but the big old moon is washing out everything, but bit makes for some nice illumination.. So what do you think Aurora or not? Ta Fozzie
  17. Thanks Carole, I suppose that's why I'm asking because it's fair t and I've turned the saturation up.. it's a shame, we always seem to come to places like this when there's a full moon out to play, didn't even bring a scope with me.. Anyways here where I think is a distant touch of green.. nothing visually, with the moon up it was like twilight..
  18. Fozzie

    Your chance to talk to a flat earther

    It's about my only belief when it comes to the subject..
  19. Fozzie

    Superb Norfolk skies!

    I'm heading there next week... moons a bit fuller than I'd like but the frac and the 70mm bins are coming along too.. thanks for wetting the appetite!
  20. Fozzie

    12mm planetary eyepiece...?

    You could get the 15mm and 12mm SLV and use a 2x telextender that would cover a range of 15mm, 12mm, 7.5mm and 6mm... Oh and if you add the 20mm and 25mm (with 2x telextender) then you would also have 25mm, 20mm, 15mm, 12.5mm, 12mm, 10mm, 7.5mm and a 6mm.. that's what happened to me you see.., and then I added the 9mm and the 5mm for laughs.. I believe this is quite a common affliction. That's because the green and black world spoils us something rotten.. (and you pay for it) in all honest I have 1 SLV that has a slight looseness to the twist up EP, the others are all fine.. Good luck with you r decision.. Ta Fozzie
  21. Fozzie

    12mm planetary eyepiece...?

    +1 for the Vixen SLV line, yes it's only 50deg but I find myself regularly ignoring my 10mm delos for the 10mm SLV.. I also updated to SLV from TV plossl's.. found the 20mm and 25mm SLV just went a bit deeper, with no regrets on the loss of green and black. Small compact, incredibly sharp 20mm eye relief across the range.. very underrated and it shows on the second hand value.. last lot I saw 2nd hand went for just less than £50 quid, over half the new price.. What's not to love.. Mine wont be going anywhere soon that's for sure.. Ta Fozzie
  22. All positives from me on the starwave, an excellent telescope, sharp contrasty and a joy to observe with.. the lenses are excellent and with good quality EPS like ortho, plossl or my favourite Vixen SLV the scope will just reward time after time with some great views. I'm just remembering during this winter's cold snap, I was quite happily viewing at 450x with this scope, so I've no doubt it'll show you the best the conditions will offer.. Would recommend either a eq5 class or heavier duty alt-az mount though, i used an az4 with mone for a while, it was ok but better at lower mags.. vibrations were troublesome at higher.. Good luck in your choice! Ta Fozzie
  23. Cheers Charl, I've been watching the Ha imaging's come through.. those proms looked fantastic..
  24. I've not done any WL observing for some while, but I do like to check in on a regular basis with Helioviewer to make sure I'm not missing any activity.. Today was one of those check in's... Instantly 2 tiny black spots on the surface yesss we've got some WL features to keep an eye on... But these WL pores stayed the same size when I zoomed in.. My initial excitement instantly disappeared to one of embarrassment.. looks like the lap top screen needs a clean! Heyho back to work we go... you'd cry if you didn't laugh sometimes... Ta Fozzie

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