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  1. I bet if I put my GP up for sale, some one would snap my hand off.... Question is should I look at selling the TAL and Starwave Achro instead, or is it that we are so close to the new year, we're all watching our budgets a bit more stringently! or third option should I just Jeff it and order one, and worry about it later!
  2. Oh don't worry there's a full moon on Sunday, it's always clear on a full moon.... Oh hang on.... it a;so a lunar eclipse on Sunday/Monday... it's going to be wall to wall isn't! Actually, this thread is good timing, Im agonising about thinning the equipment to by a specific scope im interested in.. but what is the point in having equipment sat around with limited opportunity to use, might as well have onething you'll enjoy using when you get those rare chances eh? Clear skys to everyone! ta Fozzie
  3. I've dropped the price on this, hopefully for a quick sale.. before I change my mind on letting it go.. the wooden legs are now not being offered for sale, so will install the metal legs for sale. again collection only, but I am happy to meet as above, say anywhere within an hour or so of leeds..
  4. Well that's the 10mm Delos away... I've had some interest in the skytee2 if I want to split it down.. although I am now tempted to part with the tal and the starwave achro and keep the skytee if I go large frac in the future... someone said Evo150ED.. I notice the AT 100f7 has been panned and also short apo manufactured by kunming or long perng as not good on the old colour correction. They haven't even stopped their, they've also gone after the vixen GP and GPDx as being not suitable as a mount due to focus vibration.. What a place CN is eh! In all serious now, I've not had any issues with my set up.. what do we think mount wise, surly a GP is more than enough for this scope a under 5kg A little bit closer to the ED now.. Ta Fozzie
  5. Sold... Mods if you would do the honours!
  6. Actually ment techy as in technological not as in agro with each other.. But lots of assumptions on glass types and performance going on.. interesting read..
  7. The CN chat on this scope is getting all techy with numbers and assessments of the graph posted earlier.. worth checking out...! One chap has a calculated an estimated figure.. and quote "estimate of polystrehl 0.97 "..
  8. As title really, 10mm Delos, in great condition, asking £220 including p&p to mainland UK only.. bank transfer or PayPal (fees paid or F&F).. Happy shopping! Ta Fozzie
  9. If that skytee2 sells then i'm more than happy to offer up the TAL next.... and then well i'll basket one of these ED's and go for it.
  10. Afternoon I am tentatively offering up for sale my skytee2 mount, with 1.75" steel leg tripod. This mount has a number of modifications/extras that I would like sell as whole, as opposed to stripping down as yet. Due to weight of the mount this would be collection only. I work in Leeds, York and Sheffield so would be willing to meet up if required, DM me and we can discuss.. Included are the following Skytee2 mount and Tripod, EP spreader unit ADM saddle upgrade (both original saddles are included) 16" extension pillar 2No slow motion flexi controllers 8kg meade Counter Weight Boxes for mount head, extension piller (not sure about tripod) All are in excellent condition, the mount has been regressed recently in line with the attached word document.. Skytee2 strip.docx Asking Price is as follows. Skytee2 with 1.75" Tripod £359.00, Sky watcher Extension piller £67.00, ADM Saddle Upgrade £135.00, 8kg Meade Weight £75.00, Flexi Slow Mo Cables £19.00 = £655.00 to buy brand new. Going with the traditional 2/3rds price I should be asking around £435 for this mount, however I'm going to offer it up at £375 PLEASE NOTE THE WOODEN TRIPOD LEGS ARE NOT BEING OFFERED FOR SALE (CHANGE OF MIND) SO THE MOUNT WILL BE ON THE 1.75" STEEL LEGS I will upload more Pictures tonight, but for now the mount, fully modified mount with wooden tripod, is as below.. Reason for sale.... thinking about upgrading a scope, Thanks for looking.. Ta Fozzie
  11. I've delivered an article 50 to the wife and commenced tentative exploratory negotiations, hopefully she wont want to discuss the divorce bill first.. If it comes to it, I'll take a Tak FC100 as a back stop.
  12. Taken from the CN thread http://www.kasai-trading.jp/nerius102ed.html This is a nice chart... not sure what it says but I like the colours... ?
  13. I'm tempted to wait for that review.. I've bookmarked the page to keep an eye on it! That's deserving of an entirely different thread, as I might not sell the starwave.. Long story short, not sure if you've seen me mention I gift for the kids when they're old enough, in the loft, could be a bit of a collectors item in a 6 or so years time...? Well I have a TAL100RS, bought brand new, never been out of it's beautiful green bag, still wrapped in green crate paper, bolted to it's wooden board with 6.5mm and 25mm EP's, diagonal, finder scope and all, as wrapped up snug as the day it was packaged, bar from a peak to see it was in one piece/all in present and correct.. If I were to go for the 102ED, id be tempted to replace the TAL with the starwave, as I know she's a beaut, and sell on the tal. Cant be many un opened TAL100RS around now, yet alone when I was going to gift it in 6 or so years time.. it's been up there a couple of years now.. Although I do fear i'm actually saving it for Jules, when he's finished bothering airports with his drones and that, and fancies a TAL Back, he'd be first refusal if I do sell.
  14. Looks the humble F11 Achro, Red version and White version, is no longer offered on AA website, so is one to assume the 102ED a direct replacement (update?) of this model. They are similar but not identical. (not including the doublet) From what I can see... Push fit cover on the ED, as opposed to screw on. Non rotating focuser, geared on the ED, as opposed to rotating Crayford (quite like this function) Bino viewer compatible on the ED, you'll need a GPC on the Achro extra for the QRC, the Achro came with one. I'm still warm for the scope, but apart from the Binoviewer element, which I really like, I feel like the others above are a slight downgrade on the finish of the tube when compared with the achro version, especially the non rotating focuser.. Yes I know you can loosen the diagonal and rotate that way, but it's not quite the same. I've no doubt, if my achro is anything to go by, that ED element (whatever spec ((suspect FK-61) has got a great mating element) will be better than the achro, but shouldn't there be something more to a scope than the views, the Achro I have just works for me as a instrument in a way I don't have to really think about, wonder if I pushed the button on the ED those little changes would work in the same way? Theres a CN thread started up on scope too.. https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/646132-starwave-102ed-f11-yes-ed/ Sure is an intriguing scope this one.. Ta Fozzie
  15. Did I go too far, it can happen...! Mind you that would be something wouldn't it. I would have liked a rotating focuser like the achro, would love some more spec info on this scope too, but otherwise AA have been producing and offering up some interesting new scopes recently.. Temptation... Temptation!!!
  16. @Stu did you ever go ahead with the upgrade saddle.. anything to report? Ta Fozzie
  17. i swore I wouldn't sell mine.... Not even sure how'd I break it to my poor achro... "look it's not you, it's me, we just don't seem to be working, we never go out that often any more, your always huddled up at home avoiding clouds..... Oh don't look at me like that, I know what your thinking...., sure it's younger, with better bino viewer capabilities and yes I had noticed the that glass specification up top, hard not to if im honest...... but it's not about those physical attributes, im not a shallow person.... I just hope in time you understand that sometimes you just have to go with your heart over your head, im not sure I can live with the what if in this instance..... i'll always remember that night in February last year, we laughed and stayed out in the cold just gazing at the moon with nothing left on the table, just you my 2x extender and a 5mm EP, it was and will always be glorious... I'm seriously contemplating offering up my starwave, a 10mm delos, sky tee with home made tripod, including ADM saddle and berlebach spreader, 50mm RA Finder, Kidney and anything else I can get my hands on... Do you think you can use a company car as an uber?
  18. In all seriousness this scope has really spiked my interest now... I have an excellent Achro Classic F11 starwave, that is absolutely no slouch given the right conditions. I have owned a 72mm AA ED F6 scope which was very crisp, with I believe to be a fpl51 or fcd1 equivalent spec. I see that this is just down as ED, which for AA usually means AN around the low 80's.. With out user reports, do we think the step up at F11 would be a significant jump in quality of view? I'd love a side by side with the classic achro!? Also noticed the red classic achro is up to £550 from £399... that's a big jump, wonder if this will be phased out, you can get a vixen achro 100mm for less than that now.. HHhhhhhhmmmmmmm Ta Fozzie
  19. I think the go-to appeals for a number of reasons, mainly after planning a session it would be nice to "dial it in" as opposed to star hopping.. sometimes I find if I'm not 100% sure i can spend too long "searching" as opposed to observing.. my PA is quite good from home so it seemed a logical step from a tracking mount. I dont mind star hopping but on an off night it can be quite frustrating i find, if your not finding things.. I've not used the skytee2 for some time now, the vixen GP is my preference with my singular scope, just ease of use, which is odd as I sold a non driven eq5 for the skytee2 as I didn't get on with the eq5.. the skytee2 is more for future use now after I sold the 200p..(when i get a bigger scope) ill use the sky tea 1 in 20 maybe if its easier to throw alt-az down, usually if I do any observing from work where I don't have my North marks on the ground. I have recently being contemplating selling it on, not sure the returns are worth it.. Ta Fozzie
  20. She's usually very good.. and has actually switched them off since we moved in so even the sensors don't trigger them, i didnt even neednto ask.. There are 4 spotlights in total, which is excessive but she lives alone now so I can understand the sense of security.. She's already sent me a txt apologising, hit the switch on the way out didn't realise..
  21. But at least I've managed to catch it, observe it in a scope and frame it with M45.. weather's not looking promising for the rest of the week so this trial run might actually be my chance! Just a single sub of 20s iso800 at 100mm on 750d f4.8. As for the light pollution.. neighbours gone out and left the security lights on.. Wowsers as if the street lights aren't had enough! To be honest I've done well spoting 46p at all! Thanks for looking Fozzie
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