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  1. Thanks langy! Not surewhy uou struggled with focus. My barlow is the 2x one that has the thread on the end to attach straight to the t-ring. That is then slotted into the 1.25"holder which is slotted into the 2" focusser. With focus, the rack is roughly half way between fully extended and all the way in, so the mid point
  2. Set up last night under clear skies but soon found it to be way too hazy to get any decent results. So I had a little whizz around with my 2x barlow on and got some 400frames of the moon and the same of Jupiter. Never done planetry imaging before so didn't know what to expect. I'd also never used registax before so that too was new to me. Below is my result.. the moon was out of focus but I'm really pleased with my Jupiter! EQ5 syn scan+SW 150PDS+2x barlow+Canon EOS 500d unmodded.
  3. Pretty good! A moon filter is not really any use for imaging IMO, it just cuts the light levels down, and that's not needed. More light = faster shutter speed = crisper images. Good effort though!
  4. I've got an eq5 too coupled with a 150pds which is 750mm FL. I can just about squeeze 2 mins out. Beyond that the stars are no longer round and trails start to appear. 90 seconds at 1500mm.. that's real impressive! If I could get that, i'd NEVER move the scope from it's position!
  5. I had a look at each sub, and they lost all contrast gradually. I originally thought that as the target moved across the sky it was just moving away from the light pollution. But as I said, it was just the primary mirror fogging up. I didn't go out until around 10.30pm and came indoors around 1am. There were tiny ice crystals beginning to form anyway so I knew I'd had enough!
  6. Well its only a 750mm tube and the leo triplet was pretty high in the sky so the dew goes straight down it. You can get away with it if you have the tube slightly more horizontal or if theres enough of a breeze to keep the dew from settling as much.
  7. Ok, you can ignore this now. I decided I\was wasting my time and that my hands were just about as numb as they were gunna get. I brought my gear inside and then noticed my primary mirror was completely fogged up. Woops! That explains it then! I've ended up with 18 lights that are usable. Hey ho, lesson learnt! Must get a dew controller!
  8. Im in the garden imaging the leo triplet. Everything went perfect and the dew hasnt troubled me yet. My images are nice and bright (lp is a killer) but they are gradually getting darker so initially i thought dew was getting on the primary mirror. But no.. its clear. Any ideas why theyve got darker? They seem to have reached a level of darkness now and not getting worse. 'Elp! Thanks!
  9. I'm colour blind too! That's why my images are always over-saturated!
  10. That's an 'ell of a lot of information for me to take in at once haha but I shall follow that and see what difference it makes, probably alot! Thanks
  11. Hmm, I have an unmodded 500d that I use and see if that does the same thing. I bought my 450d already modded, but I thought it was modded, turns out it's just got a single IR filter removed and replaced with something else that cuts out the IR a little less than the original. I thought I was buying an infrared camera basically. But nope! Maybe I should rip it apart and pull out the whole lot? Is that a fairly easy process? Lots of little tiny screws from what instructions I've seen about..
  12. I just wanted to share my effort on the Beehive Cluster. It's my first attempt at it, and although I think I have over done it on the saturation (again) I quite like it. Any thoughts?
  13. The JPEG below is what I ended up with.. Not nearly as bad as yours Sidelight but the same effect:
  14. Out of curiosity, what filter do you use between camera and focuser? Didnt think that was do-able?
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