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  1. Early hours of 15th July. An attempt to get a naturally lit foreground for a NLC display. Above Reeth in Swaledale. Canon 6D MkII, Sigma 24mm. Lightroom, Photoshop...
  2. Hi The brightest star visible in the images is Capella. So North to Northeast. Cheers Paul
  3. Noctilucent Clouds - mix of stills and time lapse. Canon 7D MkII & 6D MkII Samyang 14mm Sigma 16mm Sigma 24mm Canon 200mm. Lightroom and VSDC. Music - Lee Rosevere.
  4. Evening of June 21st. Time lapse and stills. Canon 6D MkII & Samyang 14mm. Canon 7D MkII & Samyang 16mm. Lightroom & VSDC editor. Music by Lee Rosevere. Trying not to edit it anymore... ...cheers, Paul.
  5. Mashup of images and time lapse from the display last Friday. Looking at the satellite images there could be better to come! Music by Lee Rosevere.
  6. Off the beaten track. Awesome NLC display early doors June 21st. Time lapse and some stills. Canon 6D MkII Samyang 14mm Canon 7D MkII Samyang 16mm. Cheers Paul.
  7. Just the type of session I love! Remember targets in Ophiuchus and Serpens, then all the way along the Milky Way. Putting effort into the dark nebulae will reap rewards on the bright objects. Not sure about OIII though. UHC may give a more pleasing view if you have the option. Nice to plan ahead. Cheers Paul.
  8. Thank you Dave. Downbeat matched my tired mood I think Castle Bolton has a hill behind that would hide a key part of the sky, will look at some contours... ...I have a tarn in mind if there is no wind. Cheers Paul
  9. Still in search of a foreground... ...Canon 6D MkII & Samyang 14mm Canon 7D MkII & Sigma 24. Music by Lee Rosevere. Turn the volume up and mind the gap... ...cheers. Paul.
  10. Yes. I've been to La Palma a dozen or so times...though half were primarily for mountain biking. The observatories above the inversion layer will have a vastly different profile. The NE of La Palma is a rainforest! I think a key factor is the consistent seeing i.e. laminar airflow from the NE Trade winds that the pro astronomers require for their work. I expect that Cape Verde would be fantastic for ourselves. La Palma is also feeling the encroachment of light pollution Hope you can post pics from your future visit! Cheers Paul
  11. There is a rainy season, late summer and autumn. https://www.holiday-weather.com/cape_verde/averages/
  12. Early morning Noctilucent Clouds on June 10th from Swaledale, N. Yorkshire. Canon 6D MkII & 24mm Sigma Canon 7D MkII & 200mm Canon Processed in Lightroom and VSDC (video editor). Free to air audio by Lee Rosevere.
  13. Display kicked off about midnight. Best for me about 01:30. A couple of quick edits. Single exposure Canon 6D MkII Sigma 24mm @f 2.8 iso 400 3.2s Time lapse Canon 7D MkII 200mm Canon @f4 2s iso 400 Locations - Tan Hill and Swaledale. A bit short on foregrounds but gave a visually bright display in wonderful isolated location. BEAUTIFUL!
  14. Hi Dave The current format takes the audience through what can be seen through the 4 seasons. Brief explanation as to why this changes, earth's orbit, location in Milky Way... I use a combination of stills and time lapse many with reference points to the northern Yorkshire Dales where I live. Also a dark skies and light pollution pitch. This is after a wider field vid showing the onset of darkness and stars coming out over our village (though it needs a better version). I then go onto the seasons finishing with the current at the date of the talk. Cheers. Paul
  15. Noting the other BoV panorama... ...I thought I'd post this. It is now part of a 'Swaledale Night Sky' presentation that I do to various audiences. Taken in April. Canon 6D MkII, Sigma 24mm. Using 4K time lapse feature with fixed exposure, ISO & aperture settings. VSDC for editing. There is audio.
  16. Very, very nice! Love it. The foreground works well without detracting from the Milky Way. One I really wish that I had taken. Excellent! Paul
  17. Being a deep sky visual type of astronomer I love the 1st and 2nd place images. I also bought a Nodal Ninja after seeing the panorama! Thank you to all involved. Paul
  18. Late evening average SQM for Keld this March - 21.54. Seems to get another 1 to 2 darker later in the night... ...probably September for next proper opportunity though.
  19. Nooo, don't. :) It looks much more natural without 'artificial' light painting. I was very disappointed with the LP in the Lake District when I stayed in March. You silhouetted the church nicely :) Looked a worthwhile trip! Paul
  20. This. I'll have to find another cause for my dizziness... ...cheers Paul
  21. To my eye, that bright but less colour. I have had many years of looking at faint nebulous astronomical objects though...
  22. First light this evening, Canon 6D MkII and Samyang 14mm, at f2.8, 6s and iso1600. processed in Lightroom.
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