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  1. 4 hours ago, Captain Magenta said:

    I guess 50mm of aperture just isn't enough

    Hi.  I regularly observe the Eastern section through Canon 15x50 IS binoculars from here in the northern Yorkshire Dales.  SQM 21.2 - 21.5.  I have observed with standard 10x50s.

    Seeing the Veil kicks off the astro season for me each year!!  :)

    Good luck.  Paul.

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  2. 4 pane mosaic.  Each pane 2 x 8s, iso3200, f2.  Processed in Lightroom, stacked with Sequator, composite in MS ICE, final processing in Photoshop...

    ...trying to get some feeling of the reality of the experience.  Hope it isn't too colourful.  Canon 6D MkII, Sigma 24mm.

    A nice experience laid on a grassy slope looking up at the bright Milky Way.  Best to click into the image.


    60 61_stitch Trvrs Cylndrcl proc.jpg

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  3. On 05/07/2020 at 16:35, buzz said:

    My ROR came from homeobservatory.co.uk  a company in Norfolk, for the price of a reasonable 4-inch refractor.

    Really nice job and well-built wooden obsy. Fitted with motor and remote control, which I then ASCOMized.

    Thanks for making me look at this supplier properly!  Deposit paid a few weeks ago.



  4. 6 hours ago, scarp15 said:

    Captures the essence of this occurrence and the Summer Milky Way perfectly, evoking this stage of Summer from your northerly latitude. These wide field images are great for observers, as it can stir up a memory, such as my own recent dark sky encounter a little further north of you. 

    Thank you Iain.  These are memories we need  :) 

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  5. ...Thursday night looked like the final opportunity for a decent look at the comet.  Waxing moon and cloudy forecasts.

    I realised that I could get an image of The Plough, NEOWISE and my home from the other side of Swaledale.  Canon 6D MkII, Sigma 24mm, 8s, f1.4, iso800.  Foreground taken 5 mins earlier before the streetlights are turned off.

    After leaving the comet I turned around to find that darkness had returned over the past 2 weeks and the summer Milky Way was visible to the south.  Same tech. details.

    A short cruise of the Milky Way and Messier objects with the binoculars finished off a lovely session.  :)

    Wishing all the best for the new astro season!  Paul

    IMG_2086 full lighting-2 small.jpg

    IMG_2116 proc half.jpg

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  6. Hello all...

    I'm looking at various UK suppliers.  Some premium (gulp), some less so.

    For various reasons am not able to build from scratch.  I could enhance a prebuilt structure, with some help.

    I've found these suppliers



    Does anyone have any experience of the above?  Any other suppliers that people might suggest/recommend?

    Many thanks


  7. 2 pane mosaic.  Canon 6D MkII, Canon 200mm at f5, 1/100 sec, iso1600.  LR, MS ICE and PS.

    Foreground is cloud and a very distant and featureless moor.  Mercury is in the top middle ish... (definitely need to click into the image)

    ...Lapwings, Curlews and Oystercatchers were very vocal!  A very pleasant escape for an hour.

    ...cheers Paul


    Moon Mercury Venus SGL.jpg

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