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  1. 2 hours ago, jetstream said:

    How has the Bubble nebula shown to other members?

    I observed the Bubble many times when I had an 18" Obsession.  Usually from mag. 6.5 skies.

    Very, very rarely did I get a 'bubble', most of the time just a short arc.

    2 hours ago, mdstuart said:

    See how many globular clusters of M31 you can pick up.


    2 hours ago, Stu said:

    Excellent suggestion from Mark, that would be a good challenge.

    This has charts for the painstaking starhopping required


    Another useful link.  Think I found about 2 dozen.  Was a bit obsessive though :)


    Good hunting!



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  2. Ah yes!!  Remember it well.

    I got Picture of the Month in Sky @ Night magazine!  A 4 pane mosaic of the Milky Way with the comet and M31.

    All by luck.  I had a trip planned to Tenerife and some images in mind.  One composition was of the highest, least light polluted part of the sky...and suddenly, just before my trip Holmes burst onto the scene  :)

    The printed version seemed to lose loads of the fainter star though.  Wish I could find the image, you'll just have to trust me  :)



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  3. My imagination sees this as the Dale burning in the cold, ice fire of Noctilucent Clouds.  The layering of the NLCs combining with ground level clouds.  Wailing music invokes a funereal mood...

    A mix of stills and time lapse.  Canon 7D MkII  & 6D MkII  Sigma 24mm  Canon 200mm.  Lightroom and VSDC.  Music - 'Ring of Fire' by Lee Rosevere.  Imaged 27/28 June.


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  4. ...about an hours worth of clear last night.  was basking in the return of something like darkness.  Just sat and looked up, wonderful to lose myself in the night sky again.

    Had my new Canon 6D MkII on a tripod and took a series of 20s exposures with a Sigma 24mm lens.   Caught one Perseid and stacked 3 images free of satellite trails.






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