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  1. Canon 7D MkII 60s Sigma 24mm @ f1.4, iso800 on AstroTrac. From here in Swaledale last Sunday. Thin clouds bring out the star colours Cheers, Paul.
  2. clarkpm4242

    A Bucket list.

    Great list, for 40 to 60 degrees North... ...#1 dark sky, Milky Way from 20 South, centre directly overhead Southern Hemisphere views, worth a trip! Just come in from a few early morning moments Cheers Paul
  3. clarkpm4242

    Observing on a budget.

    My twopenneth is more about creating and takng the most of any opportunity to use my astro kit... ...weather forecasting is actually pretty accurate 4 to 5 days ahead if you know where to look and how to interpret the information. Travelling/work/holidays can all be taken advantage of with sufficient research and planning. Then there is the true inexpensive grab & go kit - binoculars; spotting scopes; mini star altas and phone apps that can all be exploited when you are surprised by a clear slot. My cousin has pointed out my tendency to plan (too much?)... ...clear skies! Paul.
  4. The Milky Way in June may be a bit disappointing as it doesn't really get fully dark in mid-summer. Best to be looking at 1 a.m!
  5. Something to occupy 90 seconds in early January... ...extended time lapse with royalty-free soundtrack (turn up the volume!). Most material posted before under various guises. Hope you find it worthwhile. Cheers, Paul.
  6. clarkpm4242

    Using Star Maps on tablets while observing

    There are 'Screen Filter' apps for Android 'phones that work very well. I use one and set Sky Safari to night mode. HNY
  7. Swaledale 8/12/17 1000+ time lapse exposures with Canon 7D MkII and Samyang 16mm lens. Cheers, Paul.
  8. Above Barf End, Swaledale 8/12/17. 1000+ exposures from a 2 hour time lapse. A gorgeous evening. Cheers, Paul.
  9. Above and below the celestial equator
  10. clarkpm4242


    Scoundrels! Try Tenerife Astronomical Society on Facebook. Dark Skies Tenerife... ...good luck. Paul
  11. Was so lucky on Thursday morning to have an hour of part clear sky. My other time lapse thread was the result of one area of sky being clear for 30 mins. Otherwise it was a case of turning the tripod/camera around to find sucker holes in the cloud. This is 2, yes 2, minutes of activity near Ursa Major! Am thinking the meteor in the centre is a sporadic. Slightly green and not from the radiant?
  12. clarkpm4242

    Focus of DSLR

    I have no problem using LiveView at x10, even with wide angle lenses. Looking for the colour fringing is a great aid. Never err on the red side! Am usually out 'in the field' so only have camera. Paul
  13. This was taken from 04:30 to 05:00 from my garden in Swaledale. Canon 7D MkII, Samyang 16mm at f2, 5s exposures at iso1600. Processed in Lightroom. Slight crop to 16:9 and reframing. There are 6 pauses in the playback, spot the meteor! Cheers Paul.
  14. Composite of 6 meteors into one image.
  15. Hi there As meteors are very fleeting you need a good wide angle lens and go down the short exposure and high sensitivity route. Low f stop, high iso and e.g. maximum 10 sec exposure to minimise impact of light pollution. You can try the settings out on a given night to get max sensitivity/light pollution compromise, then set off the timer. The Perseids maximum probably next opportunity. Cheers Paul
  16. clarkpm4242

    Defining the Cone Nebula

    Yes. I have seen confusion around this. The 'notch' is the challenge. I know I observed this deep into winter on very transparent nights from Llyn Brenig in N Wales. About 15 years ago. This was through my 18" Obsession. I don't have a record of the filter however, I have tendency to go for the UHC as I find views much more pleasing than an H beta. Good luck. Paul.
  17. clarkpm4242

    Geminids from Swaledale

    Nature called about 04:30, glanced outside to see 50% clear. 5 secs out of the door and a -8 or more meteor lit up the thin cloud!! 30+ over the next 75 mins. Some stunners. Have at least 11 on 'film'. Currently processing. Now 12...13...15... That was very unexpected! Happy boy Paul
  18. Also sporadic bottom left 5 secs in... ...7 and counting. Paul
  19. Oops, wrong section..! Please move. Thank you, Paul.
  20. clarkpm4242

    Geminids from Swaledale

    Linked to wrong section. Will amend when post moved from Widefield Observing to Imaging. Paul. Now in the correct section.
  21. clarkpm4242

    The Uplooker Usha Gap Star Party

    Nearly fell off my chair when I read your title! I live a very few miles down the Dale and go past Usha Gap regularly. Glad to see others picking up on Swaledale. The National Park is working on Dark Sky status for an appropriate area. Nice report! Cheers Paul
  22. Ha, my comments were regarding Leo I. How to reduce and avoid glare... ...however, I used an UHC filter for the notch in the Cone Nebula. Good luck. Paul
  23. Rain washed sky!!! Lowish power narrow FOV eyepiece etc. I think I was using a 32mm TV Plossl with an 18" dob from Donna Nook first time. Good luck Paul
  24. I did pick up the Eridanus loop last season, but only had one go at it. Would really like an annual confirmation. It becomes more real if you observe something regularly year(s) apart. Hope you get the necessary conditions! Paul and Geminids on the night of Wed 13 thru to Thurs 14
  25. Couple of weekends ago. 2 hours worth of observing in a few seconds. We did illuminate the big dob deliberately whilst getting a brew...

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