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  1. clarkpm4242

    More NLC action

    Lovely timelapse sequence. Clearly shows the impact of the change in lighting on the clouds as the sun moves west to east. Nice!
  2. clarkpm4242

    NLC timelapse

    Hi Nicely done! What s/w are you using to create the video? Cheers Paul
  3. clarkpm4242

    Rechargeable Battery Recommendations

    https://www.firstlightoptics.com/batteries-powerpacks.html Tracer if you can afford them...
  4. I had a 14" non-GoTo version for a while. Optically OK but built like a tank! Not the most portable...IMO. Cheers, Paul.
  5. clarkpm4242

    Burnhope reservoir dark site

    Ha, ha. Actually, I live in Swaledale and we have http://www.reethastro.org.uk/ Reeth Informal Astronomy Group Cheers Paul
  6. clarkpm4242

    Burnhope reservoir dark site

    Also check out https://www.facebook.com/bishastrosoc/ Bishop Auckland AS.
  7. clarkpm4242

    The Barns

    Astroadventures in Devon. I have never been and have no connection with them. Paul
  8. clarkpm4242

    Sky Quality Meter

    Enjoyed reading this thread. Being a DSO observer it seems to match much of my musings and varying enthusiams over the years! Its not just me then!!! Cheers All! Paul
  9. clarkpm4242

    Veil Nebula with Bino’s ?? Doable ??

    I regularly observe the eastern Veil in late summer and autumn from my back garden in Swaledale. Canon 15*50 IS binoculars. No filters. Occasionally western and Pickering Triangle. Good luck Paul
  10. Take the turning opposite the garage and drive straight up the mountain to here https://earth.app.goo.gl/QAy43 Tarmac road (a bit of dirt) then concrete fire road. Check it during daylight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can also set up in a flat area before starting upthe concrete road. A technical drive! I have been quite a few times. Great for DSO observing. Paul
  11. TMB 92mm f5.5 APO then 16" Dobsonian. 31 Nagler and 13 Ethos with both. For wide field deep sky or faint deep sky. Have fun! Paul
  12. clarkpm4242

    AstroTrac 360

    You can submit questions via the website. Looks like in 2 axis mode a ball head can be mounted on the DEC 'circle' with all the holes. This is where the RA arm is attached to the wedge. Cannot see anyway to do it as a single axis mount though... ...Paul P.S. It will take a PoleMaster with an adapter...
  13. clarkpm4242

    AstroTrac 360

    Will a PoleMaster fit..? It does seem to be a stunning piece of kit... ...the price made me gasp though. Cheers Paul
  14. clarkpm4242

    Roaming Through the Globular's

    Nice one!! A dark location at 21.5 I've managed 5053 with a 60mm frac on several occasions. Using a low magnification it doesn't resolve. The nearby star just looks like it has some haze attached compared to similar stars in the FOV. Aye, the drive home can be very tiring and trying!!! Cheers, Paul.
  15. clarkpm4242

    Android on a laptop(x86) ?

    The simpler answer may be to ask around if anyone has an 'old' smartphone/tablet from which they have upgraded? Use without a SIM. The small screens are OK with practise. I am very, very short sighted and manage to star hop using Sky Safari on an average sized Samsung A3 (also with a free screen filter app) Good luck, Paul.
  16. No filter used. Wasn't looking for it. Just became apparent as I swept about after looking for M78. Cheers
  17. I observed the bright portion of the loop near M78 using Canon 15*50 IS binoculars. This was from the Elan Valley in mid Wales on Monday. Very dark and transparent. Have observed it quite a few times using wide field combinations. Good luck Paul
  18. Time lapse last Monday whilst stuck up a hillside behind snow drifts... ...Canon 7D MkII, Sigma 16mm. Turn up the volume cheers, Paul.
  19. Hi Sam It certainly was different, a 3 foot snow drift where we usually set up the telescopes! Also managed some observing with binoculars Paul
  20. I use Lightroom 6... ...has batch preprocessing as well. Paul
  21. For 'normal' astrophotography. I use the aformentioned free Deep Sky Stacker and Adobe Photoshop CS2, old s/w free from Adobe - https://www.pcsteps.com/10474-download-photoshop-download-free-adobe/ For start trails I use StarStax - free. For time lapse I use Adobe Lightroom 6, ~£120. Paul
  22. Liking the M51! I frequently find deep images are too colourful for my taste. This is just colourful enough. Nice one. Paul
  23. clarkpm4242

    Vacations August or September?

    Longer nights in September!
  24. https://www.iau.org/public/themes/discoveries/ IAU (edit; beaten to it...)

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