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  1. This. I'll have to find another cause for my dizziness... ...cheers Paul
  2. To my eye, that bright but less colour. I have had many years of looking at faint nebulous astronomical objects though...
  3. First light this evening, Canon 6D MkII and Samyang 14mm, at f2.8, 6s and iso1600. processed in Lightroom.
  4. Yes, they do demonstrate the mental gymnastics that are gone through to achieve a workable model e.g. speed of light being an average... ...I occasionally have fleeting moments of understanding, then seems irretrievable.
  5. If you have a good read of Richard Feynman's QED series of lectures you will note Feynman diagrams that have photons 'arriving' after they have been 'emitted' i.e. 'travelling backwards in time...
  6. I would have thought that they would go in the most appropriate section. Most likely Deep Sky, Wide field or Reports. As long as the title starts with 'Night Vision'..? Cheers
  7. Something to look at during the winds and rains. Single frame from a time lapse taken last month. The end of the winter constellations from Swaledale. Canon 7D MkII, Samyang 16mm. 8s @iso1600 and f2. Cheers Paul
  8. (edit - have belatedly noticed the new guidance above. Clear identification, upfront). I wonder if I have similar. NV is obviously a valid tool however, I would like it to be obviously differentiated from normal observing. Ideally a separate section however, as long the title of all NV posts begins with for example 'Night Vision report -' it would enable readers to delve in or immediately pass it by. No confusion. Have fun! Cheers Paul
  9. Selling my 18" Obsession dobsonian. Quality performer. Perfect height/size for observing. Goes deep into deep sky but... ...seemed to get too heavy to manage in/out of storage and transport, or was is the lure of a Takahashi TOA 150 APO... ...now also sold on. Cheers Paul
  10. 4s at f2, iso 1600 for the pic with Mercury, 6s for the one with the meteor in (later in the evening).
  11. Last Tuesday by me.
  12. Examples: Wind blowing from west, fire road running north to south. or wInd blowing from north west, fire road running south-west to north-east.
  13. Forestry Commission fire roads orthogonal to the wind direction. Limits the horizon though. Also, sounds quite freaky on your own... ...cheers Paul
  14. Tonight. Fortuitous meteor! A bit of map reading found a location with no light pollution to the west. Could do with a full frame DSLR and wider angle lens. Canon 7D MkII, Samyang 16mm f2. Hope it is apparent slanting up to the left towards Mars. Edit - earlier image added showing Mercury on the horizon.
  15. Two and a half minutes of astro Slow TV. Edited together a sequence of time lapse videos taken from Swaledale during the last month. New material taken last Sunday night. A bit of music by Lee Rosevere. Something to 'observe' if its cloudy where you are...cheers, Paul.
  16. Wee animation from output of stacking s/w. I like the effect. Cheers, Paul.
  17. Have recently done some readings for the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Separate nights have had 21.45 and 21.5 (averaged) in our garden. ?
  18. About 430 frames from the Orion time lapse topic. Orion, Hyades and Pleiades feature. StarStax... ...cheers Paul PS almost free of aircraft and satellites!
  19. 'Quick' edit of about 3 1/2 hours last night. Looks over some nearby cottages. One for a darkened room. Music by Lee Rosevere. 1270 frames. Canon 7D MkII, Samyang 16mm, Lightroom. Cheers Paul
  20. Obtained a sequence of readings last night. 23:10 21.26 00:30 21.32 01:10 21.41 01:50 21.45 These are each 5 readings after the meter has 'settled down'. Top and bottom discarded and remaining 3 averaged. Clearly demonstrate the darkening of the sky and possibly the 'loss' of Milky Way interference. Neat Incoming cloud stopped further measurements. Paul
  21. This sort of compositing is a definite no, no in my 'rule book'. Examples I've seen: - local landscapes (North Yorkshire) with the Milky Way taken from latitudes of southern Spain or the Canary Islands - a 'moonless' night with obvious strong shadows and a Milky Way that is never visible in that part of the sky and pasted L-R reversed... ...as long as you are honest with the viewers of your images, don't make false claims, you can do what you like. Compositing a foreground with a different exposure taken in the same session is fine, or possibly taken at another time if it reflects a possible astronomical reality. Just say what you've done. Having come to imaging via a deep sky visual observing route, I tend to go for less colour to give me a better connection to what I've seen in 'real life'. I have been known to do versions with more colour for public consumption... ...cheers Paul
  22. Known locally as the 'Three Sisters'. Have been faffing around trying to get decent composition
  23. See my SQM topic. Really pants early on, then... ...cheers Paul PS Good to get some in!
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