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  1. Saw one or two at around 12am, then the clouds rolled in and stayed there.
  2. So I got my Binos delivered this morning and took them out to have a play with them and check if they're in good order. Noticed on the right eyepiece what looks to be a small spot of glue, or else a defect in the lens. Will probably hold onto them until after Christmas as no hope in getting a replacement in such short time. Was looking forward to these, quite a disappointment.
  3. A bit OTT for me anyway, although good to know about them for down the line if I'm looking for something better. Cheers.
  4. I've ordered one of these for my Celestron 15X70's http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Binocular-tripod-metal-adapter-/140604697345?pt=UK_Photography_Binocular_Accessories&hash=item20bcb16b01 Looks like it's up to the job, can't be any worse than the one that comes bundled anyway.
  5. Tommay

    Hello from Ireland

    Thanks again for the warm welcomes!
  6. Tommay

    Hello from Ireland

    Thanks for the welcomes! Yeah, seemed to make the most sense going with the bins first. I live in Galway, in the west. Hopefully the weather is kind in the run up to Christmas, not looking too good right now! Thanks, I've read a lot of info on that site (Been lurking for a while) great info, cleared up a lot of questions I had.
  7. Glad to be here. Was out on a very clear night last week and got an urge to get into Astronomy. Ordered myself some Celestron 15X70 Bins and a tripod as this seemed to be the best way to get into things from what I've read. Can't wait to get started!
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