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  1. Any quick tips for fun things to look at with binos? I usually check out the moon, jupiter, orion, pliedes, and m31. Any other good ones? (at work with mederate to severe light pollution :(…)

  2. Postal services will be the death of me… Come on people, I just want my frickin binos already!

    1. tingting44


      what ones did u get?

    2. thechillwookiee


      celestron 15x70s. got em now! they are sweeeeeet :)

  3. Waiting patiently to return to America… I need a scope. I NEED ITTTTTTT!

    1. emadmoussa


      crack cocaine astronomy!

    2. thechillwookiee


      papa needs his fix!

  4. Still waiting for the celestron 15x70s to come in. Recently have been borrowing some of aircrew's binos from the flight equipment shop at work 7x50s if i remember correctly… I was blown away at what i could see, so were all the buddies at work!
  5. Not a big sports buff, Dana. So neither :/
  6. thanks for the tip! i have heard good things about that book. will put that on my xmas wish list
  7. Greetings friend! thanks for the welcome.
  8. Hello everyone. Finally made an accout after a month of lurking about the threads here. I look forward to connecting with fellow stargazers and sharing experiences and knowledge. Also in the future plan on posting some astrophotos! Have a great day/night!
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