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  1. received my BST 12mm Today and not a star to be seen just clouds now i can try get used to working out how to use the hand control etc as i have managed to find a power supply that fits and it is moving the telescope .
  2. thx Charic i will do that, now and let you know how it goes
  3. thx for the response Charic yes its the long one of the nextar on the front page , i cant afford to get two, it took me quite a bit to get enough for one lol , a few people on this post say that the bst will be ok
  4. which is best to start off with the 15 or 18 BST as i have the £ to get one
  5. thx for that charic im debating that i will be getting three eyepieces in the future the first in the next week or so , what would you advise to get first. i have a 25 basic eyepiece which is not very good, and looking a Venus is just like a star and blurred as well.
  6. thank you to all for the great responses and advice it looks like i will be getting a BSTs as the price is still beyond mi reach at the moment but a lot nearer than the Hyperion, what would be the best to start off with as i have read articles on the board that some,, have three eyepieces low to high, im presuming i should start off with a middle eyepiece in the BSTs what would bee the best 12 /15 Tony
  7. Hi to all first of all thank you for all the welcomes , on the welcome page my daughter got me a telescope a couple of months ago, and it seems to be a (celestron nexstar 80 gt) its not new but in good condition and it had a hand control with it but not sure if that works as i have no idea on how to use anything like that it has one eyepiece , all that it says on it is (celestron 25) i guess it is a basic eyepiece i use to have a telescope 40 odd years ago and really want to get to back into looking into the night sky i am at a lost to upgrade the eyepiece and need your expert help in deciding what will be best to get. basically the best value for money. there is so much to take in with the eyepieces and i am getting confused lol what make what strength a zoom eyepiece etc was looking at the Hyperion Zoom Mk.III out of my price range at the moment, but instead of buying a few eyepieces to save up and get this one. your the experts please let me know what you think TONY
  8. TAZZ

    hi from north west uk

    thx for all your responses and will have a good read and get used to getting round the SGL before i post
  9. TAZZ

    hi from north west uk

    thx for all your responses and will have a good read and get used to getting round the SGL before i post lol
  10. hi to all at stargazerslounge i Have just got a telescope off my daughter,, as she knows when i was younger about 40 odd years ago i used to have one and i was always out every night when i was 14 looking to the heavens. so basically im a newbie as the telescope i had then which cost £130 in them days, is now about a £20.00 one today i will need help in getting back into looking into the skies and advice on the telescope as well i have been reading posts and cant wait to get going, when i get started and understand things a bit better TONY
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