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  1. Haha... its funny only with my interest in astronomy she makes such a big deal. I think its just time really. And I do agree the 200p is really the way for me to go, given that I just like to watch. The skies around me are amazing some nights and both of us will go out and look up for half an hour as they can be so impressive.
  2. Thanks Sub Dwarf. I can see your point and appreciate your views. I think that my biggest concern was that I had one of these small cheap dobsonian Celestron Firstscopes. I was not seeing much in it at all, and was not impressed (I am realistic though). Now is that because they are cheapy a rubbish or just me?
  3. ok sorry, she freaked out at 52cm wide. Now given my situation (its a bit psychological) Apart from suffering (not a solution here sorry) what can I do. I am still looking at the skywatcher 127. How does it compair to the 4" Celestron, and something like a Meade EXT80?
  4. Ok, I am still trying to get the 200p dobsonian by my wife, does anyone have the base dimension (the circle width) just so I can see the size of the area it will sit on.
  5. Thanks for your suggestions. I really liked the look of the Dob, but alas the wife freaked out demanding I do not get one that size. So I have had to rethink. I looked into the Skywatcher 127 size scopes. I assume anything smaller would not be great. The Mak design I understand is a tighter focal spot - ie you see less in the eyepiece. I assume it is ideal to have a motor on something like this?
  6. Hello. I have had various cheap scopes in the past (below £150) I dont really care for photography with one - maybe one day but my main interest is to sit outside with a drink and watch the stars. I live in Herefordshire and the galaxy looks amazing on a winter night. So I want get a great scope for viewing as much as I can really. I dont have space for more than one scope. I started looking at the Celestron Nexstar 4SE, but I noticed how many say Aperture is too small. I do want to view the main DSO's and planets. Once thing I have never been happy with is my views of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. The cheap scope are blurry and shake. Ive checked out a few. My budget is about £400. Any suggestions? The Skywatcher Explorer 200p looks nice but is a little big?
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