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  1. Now sold to Ian thanks. Please complete mods and thanks very much for the use of the site. Regards Paul.
  2. Last one of the collection reduced to £80 posted first class requiring a signature. PayPal gift is fine please. Thanks Paul
  3. Burnham 3 volumes + 26 Laminated Sky Atlas charts in an Artist folder complete with the Sky Atlas 2000 companion, both second edition. I think postage would be quite expensive and not sure if the folder is too large so collect from the Midlands £50.
  4. Cable to update Celestron handsets, complete with driver. NOT TO BE USED TO UPDATE YOUR MOUNT. £12 Posted.
  5. Totally original going old skool now not flashed complete with Revelation 1.25 filter IR Blocking and adapter to plug straight in to your focuser/diagonal 1.25". £31.08 to include fees or £30 paypal gift please includes posted first class signed for. SOLD. THANKS STEWART
  6. Premium quality Collimation EP with unopened wonder fluid and cloth £20 to include free post paypal please with fees (£20.87) or gifts fine. Teapot and hot chocolate extra!!.
  7. Es 68 24mm - £90 posted (fees - £93.88) Es 68 20mm - £75 posted (fees £78.23) SOLD. THANKS FRANCIS. Es 82 14mm - £90 posted (fees £93.88)SOLD TO FRANCIS. MANY THANKS. Es 82 11mm - £80 posted.SOLD. THANKS Es 82 8.8mm £80 posted (fees £83.45)NOW SOLD TO JAMES THANKS. All caped and boxed, and very little use as selling all my gear now, so PayPal please fees or gift is fine, will be posted first class requiring a signature. Thanks Paul.
  8. Super Plossls, 40mm,32mm, 2x 26mm,20mm, 12mm and Meade x2 Telenegative Shorty Barlow with Bolt Cases - £70 +£5 first class signed for post. (£73. 02/£78.02 with Paypal Fees and Postage). SOLD. Astrozap Baader AZ 1002 Full Aperture 136mm - 146mm Metal Housed Solar (Boxed) + Orion 5mm outer cel ID 60mm, aperture 45mm ( Suit Finder) solar filter - £25 free post. Filters various colour and to include :- Yellow - Celestron #08,12 and 5 (Metal housing), Blue - Orion #38A( Metal) Celestron (Metal) #80A and 82A, Green - Celestron #58, Metal unbranded #11, Orange - Celestron #21 (Metal) - R
  9. Running the Astro Gear down now so up for sale is this Mount and OTA. Not used a great deal as was my second set up, my main set up was the CPC 1100. The mount is complete with the 2 sets of counter weights (1 set still boxed and never used). I have the Manual with the Mount but no boxes with either - the Handset is the Nexstar+ which comes with the mount. The Mount was very accurate allowing for the addition of extra stars for alignment The Mount more than handles the OTA, so no worries there. There is a little paint chip on the OTA but its very small, I have covered it with black
  10. Mark III zoom, little use, boxed, caps and pouch, downsizing my collection - will be posted requiring a signature.
  11. Baader Apheric complete boxed, used either in 2" (full 2") or 1.25" mode, caps and all bits - little use downsizing my stuff. Will be posted first class needing a signature. NOW SOLD TO NIALL, THANKS.
  12. Another Ham Radio operator here, so due to the fall into minima the ham bands have been very poor, and especially over the last year or so as we head down to minima I think sometime next year if you follow the predictions, then the 40 metre band (7mhz) for me has been very poor for close contacts around the UK so I've switched over to using Morse code for the last couple of years to see if my signal will be carry a little further, or so as said, I I think it's a year or so we may find conditions like they are now, but then give it another year or so and it may begin to pick up, but I heard som
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