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  1. Oh, and no Aurora Borealis here. I live in the south, so it's a rare occasion that you see them I've been living here for 4 years and have seen them about 2 times...
  2. Thanks ronin No icing up, since I did see the moon very well. And the barlow is okay, it just got a bit snowy and yes, it dropped to a very soft snow Though I just set up the scope and wanted to take a quick look. I will try again this Friday when here should be clear skies. But I used the 10mm EP that came with the scope, so it prolly isn't the best one available... I guess I will find out the difference if/when I try the ep's you guys suggested. And I did not get to try out the barlow, cause it was all snowy and I wanted to take it inside before it ices and maybe breaks. Better luck next time
  3. Thanks everyone! So many good words for the BST's, that I must try them
  4. Thanks Alien13 I actually contacted telescope-express today, where I got the scope and they recommended the EP projectors and I ordered one today. I got one that is a bit inexpensive one and see if that works well. Thanks Laurie & roni for the links, I will check those EP's out! And yes, the scope was out for 40mins before I started to use it, but there was a very cold wind, so that might have disturbed the view. Also I myself was shivering probably in the wind, so not the best time to start, but fortunately in the weekend there will be -2C and clear skies, so better luck then
  5. Yay, yesterday I finally got my telescope, SW Explorer 150p. Cold evening, but I quickly set up the mount and the scope and went outside to -17C. Hands a bit icy, I got to see the moon and some fabulous details and also Jupiter and 2 moons with 10mm EP. I combined it with Barlow 2x, but dropped the eyepiece in snow and that was it for the evening I did see some nice details from Jupiter also, blurry two bands etc... But I would like to know, if you guys would have some recommendations for best planetary EP, in reasonable price? (meanining around 50-70$ / 60 euros). As we say in Finland, the more you eat, the hungrier you get - as a rough translation Now unfortunately the next clear skies according to forecast, are on the weekend. Otherwise I'm quite happy with my scope, needed some little adjusting and started to wonder if the goto would have been cool, but for now like this... Also need to get an adapter for my scope to use my slr cam. I have the T2 thread, but I want to take pictures trough the eyepieces, apparently you need another one for that... Thanks guys!
  6. I did not get it yet. Will do once I get the scope and have tried it
  7. Thanks Joves! Yes, that is one of my two furry kids, Siberian Husky male
  8. Thanks guys for all the info, especially itmo I already ordered the T2 adapter for my EOS at the same order, so I can try it out. And yes, especially in my cabin (North Carelia) there is basically no light pollution at all. So hopefully when we go there maybe at Christmas, there will be clear skies I actually ended up here checking out reviews of different scopes and sizes of them etc. So decided to register also, since people seem to comment quite quickly, since it's a large forum. I have been reading finnish forums also, but it's nice to read posts from all around the world. But yes, I would need to register as an Ursa member also and get some books etc from there LouisJB, no problem, thanks for the advice. I did decide to get the 150p, even though I was thinking of the PDS versions also. But I will start with this set and see where this new hobby takes me
  9. So I did settle for the SW 150p on NEQ3 mount. Ordered from Germany, hopefully will get it this week Once I get the hang of it, maybe start adding some accessories for it. Thanks everyone for your guidance and experiences!
  10. Thanks guys! And nice to hear wookie! I am also very interested at the 150PDS at the moment...
  11. I believe that. But if it gets very cold but the sky looks clear and awesome, I might give it a shot
  12. Thank you both for the answers. I was thinking of getting the T-ring right away, so I can try photographing also. I'm also quite interested of the 150PDS, after looking some amazing photos people have managed to take with it and a NEQ5 / NEQ6. Did not expect this to come so difficult...
  13. Yes, you are correct. Luckily I have big windows so I could try to use it inside also And yes, the 130pds with EQ3 would be in my price range also. Hard!
  14. Thanks ronin. I have also been thinking the 200p with EQ5, but it's at the absolute top of my price range, so I would have to think about it a bit. http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p2891_Skywatcher-Explorer-200P---200-1000mm-Newtonian-on-NEQ-5.html
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