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  1. Hi, I would be interested in the Heq5 mount if you decide to split, thanks
  2. selling my 12 inch dob setup as needing something more portable in the near future..here goes. 12inch skywatcher skyliner 300p flextube with autotrack facility..comes with orion 9x50 raci , rigel finder , auto focuser. Accessories :- Baader hyperion clickstop zoom mk3 8-12-16-20-24mm. Skywatcher Aero ED30mm Super plossl 25mm+10mm Celestron 2x barlow ultima sv Baader laser colli mark3 Optics 0- lll filter + variable polarizing filter 11/4 - 2inch adaptor All in metal flight case Original straight through finderscope and mount and original m
  3. Just ordered one.......ooohhh shiny
  4. Typical, 4 nights off work was cloudy and foggy, I'm back on now for 6 12hr nightshifts and stood here inbetween the trailers in the distribution centre looking at...STARS....aaaaarrrgghh
  5. Oh dear...been having a good mooch about and now toying with the bst starguiders as they suit the f4.7 I have....mmmm. Plus a lot cheaper..
  6. I've just got the baader neodymium filter......then the fog turned up....typical
  7. Ooooooooo......just in time for Christmas..........( hope the wife reads this )
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