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  1. There is an Energizer headband version, with white or red led light. The light is tiltable. Sells for around £10 upwards. Just saw Wilkinson doing an almost identical one for £3.99. Unfortunately I had already got one at over £10. Those wanting a red led headband, checkout Wilko. Alan
  2. I have the Skywatcher low profile focuser, and last night, initially I had difficulty getting focus with Canon 1000d + T ring + 1.25" fitting T-adapter. Then I noticed the T adapter was not sitting fully in. When in sat in a further approx half inch, I was able to focus. I just looked at my T adapter and it allows the T-ring to be very close to the focusser. I notice that other T adapters have a greater gap between the focuser and the T-ring. So it appears to me that to get focus with my 10" dob, without eyepieces, I need to get the camera as close to the focusser as possible. Hope that helps
  3. The moon was very clear tonight. The seeing must have been very good. I was able to use 5mm BST Explorer, barlowed (Orion Shorty plus) 10mm Celestron plossl, barlowed 8mm Hyperion zoom - all gave very clear views with . I was surprised at how good the view was with barlowed 10mm Celestron. Even barlowed 5mm was possible but imaged moved too quickly across field of view. However, should one be able to resolve the craterlets along the western limb of Hyginus rille? I was barely able to see the biggest of the craterlets. Alan
  4. Nice shots. I was out and it was the view I had tonight. Well done. Alan
  5. Thank you all for your helpful comments. Alan
  6. Last night was very cold. When I brought my scopes indoors, there was condensation on the refractor objective and the dob mirror. For the refractor, I left the cover off, and for the dob, I put the OTA horizontal with the cover off overnight. The eyepieces also had condensation. What is the best way to cope with this problem, for those who do not want to put their scopes in the garage? Alan
  7. If 240x is too much for the 10" dob on Jupiter, would it also be too much on the moon? Alan
  8. The Skyliner 10" has FL of 1200, so 5mm will give 240x, whilst the Celestron 102 has FL of 500, so that would be 100X. I think the dob is collimated, defocussed stars are perfectly circular. Looks like I will have to try it on many more nights to see if there are occassions when I can get sharp bright stars, to know the cause of the blurry Castor last night. Alan
  9. Hi, Last night, I tried using a 5mm BST Explorer with my F5 scopes. Jupiter was fairly low early in the evening and I was just able to make out one band. The image wasn't crisp, maybe the scopes were not sufficiently cooled, last evening was quite cold. When they were cooled I looked at Castor, though I could split the double the stars were fairly spread out. Are 5mm eyepieces generally too much for F5 scopes for our skies? Will I have more joy using them on the moon? Alan
  10. From the discussion, I presume the Triplet is difficult where there is light pollution. I tried last night with my 10" dob from my back garden with the lights of Slough in the same direction about 5 miles away. I presume the Triplet would be difficult from my location. I thought I saw one very small fuzzy patch when I agitated the scope. How dark must the site be in sky magnitude before one can easily see one or more of the galaxies with a 10" dob? Alan
  11. Hi, I wonder if the WO erecting diagonal for £40 from FLO would be a significant improvement over the stock diagonal that came with my Celestron wideview? Alan
  12. The TMB planetary eyepieces have 20mm eye relief, there are also other options that have adequate eye relief. Alan
  13. Hi, The Celestron 102 has FL 500mm, and its theoretical max magnification is around 200x, so would a 4mm eyepiece giving 125x magnification be as high I could go in south Bucks or could I in good seeing use a 3mm. Alan
  14. Hi, I have the Skywatcher dual speed low profile crayford focuser for my dob. The 2" to 1.25" adapter that comes with the focuser is not easy to use as it is very tight and difficult to insert and remove 1.25" eyepieces. I see on the astronomica site that they have low profile and long profile adaptors. What is the advantage of the long profile adaptor? Alan
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