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  1. I have an EQ3-2 - as a spare lighter mount, but are the EQ3-2 drives + ANY good? https://www.firstlightoptics.com/sky-watcher-mount-accessories/dual-axis-dc-motor-drive-for-eq3-2.html i.e. can they go as fast as the EQ6 ones when moving to target? Not hugely necessary, but a plus. I already have a USB cable through ASCOM + joypad I use on an old EQ6 - rejuvenated years ago with GOTO - soon Belt mod too. Maybe making this: https://www.astroeq.co.uk/tutorials.php https://onstep.groups.io/g/main/wiki/3860 Is it worth spending time making an interface? I would like to use it
  2. You always give straight answers ... i.e. First things first - don't worry about under sampling. At first I thought it was under-sampling, I went back to look and it is in fact OVER-sampling. Getting happier by the minute!
  3. Out of curiosity: which gear did you use? Thanks ... I am in the same boat and I have window of ~5 days to get a deal-ish between 533 and 294 Thank you for your time M
  4. Hi I had this telescope a few years now and used very little and I would like to be able to reduce F down to f/4 if possible. I used a Orion 0.8x reducer/flattener and that works well. I currently own these cameras: Altair 178M and C [both with fan] - [3040x2048, 2.4x2.4 um, Chip size: 7.296mm x 4.9152] - I believe sensor distance ~10mm QHY5III-174M mini [uncooled] - sensor distance 11mm - 1936x1216 - 5.86um Canon 100D T3 QE 43 - sensor distance 43-44mm [5184 x 3456, 4.3um] Does anyone have any 'practical' help in choosing the correct reducer/flattener to match AR152 and cameras?
  5. Well ... I had some time and managed after 5-6 re-processing to have a IR-RGB image - the only one! It was a test and STUPID me, I only did one take each colour and I should have taken as many as possible because that was a very clear night [gap]. Never had a decent night since 17 Sep 2020, ridiculous and almost usual UK weather. No wonder some UK amateurs get beautiful images, they 99% of the time can afford [or make debts!] to go abroad and with a Celestron 14" SCT! 70% of the job is having a clear sky, 20% is the gear and 10% your acquired skill-set - in my view and the latter t
  6. I have a question, is it really worth getting 1.25" Baader RGB filters? I know I am using the Meade 4000 which really are for visual, but I thought next time I can use my UV+IR filter to further narrow the RGB or just the GB - am I an idiot? I am really short of money and if difference is not 'that' obvious, well ... Just re-learning Planetary Imaging - not that I did learn a lot at the time!
  7. Hi Sorry I am never here, I am lucky to have had some time to spend on Mars. Really difficult in the last few years to do any imaging or even just observing. In the meantime I am getting gears ready for retirement [ still years ahead] and have some 'quick' setups and not too heavy - I am getting older! Anyway I managed to do 'some' decent images and certainly better than 13 years ago !! Gear: Meade LX200 10" Classic - re-aluminised a few years ago and never really managed to use it 3x GSO Barlow Manual Filter wheel with 685nm, Meade 4000 series [I know more for visual - cann
  8. Thanks, trying my best - time and money permitting. I guess Solar will be in my retirement setup - being during the day helps.
  9. Hello I have been away from this forum from possibly July - I never find a lot of time to do anything these days, same to be able to relax reading and interacting Astronomy forums. I asked here a few ideas about making a solar scope or modifying whatever I had and I was recommended to also see Solar Chat Forums and I did. Thanks to solarchatforums I have been able to do something decent and here is what I have done so far - very slowly! 1. I purchased a second hand PST and replaced its ITF with Maier one from the US and it finally had a clear image coming through + moved Etalon s
  10. Hi It has been over a month doing no Deep Sky, Lunar or Solar imaging and need to get back - it is like I am drugged! I was thinking to get a Astronomik ProPlanet IR 742 fro Lunar Imaging QUESTION 1: but 1.25" or 2" ? Also, I am guessing it would be of help using it for Deep Sky RGB images [especially with modified DSLR, to cut light pollution out more. QUESTION 2: is it really useful for Deep Sky? I do have a modified DSLR + 178M/c cameras. Thank you experts Mauro
  11. ADDITION Just remembered - of course - the shortening of the tube was only to get the focus point outer than it was as DSLR did not reach it even with all focus in [old focuser] - reason I did replace focuser - I forgot - as mentioned I only re-hesumated this telescope, which I still love - mirrors are as new! Tried them sometime ago and I was so surprised [I did forget] how fast it is at F/4.7.
  12. Yes, I realised I said a stupid thing! Disregard the tube cutting ... 1. Mainly only try and reduce F/4.7 to something much lower if possible and use DSLR minly and eventually an Altair 178C. I do have a coma corrector that works well - only tested once and coma seems 99% gone! I have not yet done a proper night imaging yet, since I have fixed all small problems I had and added coma corrector and already thnking 'faster' - I must be mad! Just trying to make it faster. 2. I really wish to reduce its weight to half! I thought to do a scheleton and add strong clothing around
  13. 3 pages and no end testingpost? What a pity!
  14. addition, just rememberedI now have the 10:1 and if I shorten tube I will also need either put old focuser back or move secondary [too much to do]. Maybe also Primary mirror curvature might get involved as focusing angle will change. mmm
  15. Hi experts I recently resuscitated my old [the very first one], but in New conditions Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX. I put it for sale many months ago and had a couple of interested buyers, but never sold. I had second thoughts in selling it and the main reason was - it is getting too heavy for me. Mine has: added fan to keep mirror dewless, although I managed years ago to better original focuser steadiness, I replaced it with the lowprofile [good for DSLR I still happily use] 10:1 - which also has extension for use with more modern CCD + added secondary mirror Dew-heater [when ne
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