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  1. Very nice detail. Steve Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  3. Super images. Nice skies you have there too. I assume you batch processed the images to bring the Milky way out like that? Thanks for sharing. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. Superb Image and congratulations to you both! Thank you for sharing. Evening the [small?!] large jpeg is great to scan around. Best wishes, Steve
  5. Hi all, Looking at exactly these same choices at the moment. Am erring towards the QHY. Stuart (glowing turnip) why do you prefer it? How are you finding the software and stability with any capture software. Any issues? I am currently being swayed towards the mono cam but am not 100 percent sure. The QE on the mono does make it much more tempting. But then which filters and wheel to buy! (will post in another thread) Thanks Steve
  6. Hi all and Tarotmac, Did you come to any conclusion and buy a mount? Does anyone have any thoughts/comments about lack of support by EQMod and what alternatives are available. Thanks Steve
  7. Great work. Amazed what can be achieved with such short exposures. Gives me hope with my current setup. Sent from my GT-I8190N using Tapatalk
  8. Wonderful detail. Amazing. Sent from my GT-I8190N using Tapatalk
  9. All good advice above. I would only like to add that using averted vision may also bring out a little more detail but M42 should be pretty clear without. Happy hunting. Here's to better weather. Steve Sent from my GT-I8190N using Tapatalk
  10. Hi Olly, Thank you for your response too! I am a great fan of Stellarium and had forgot about this feature. Will look at using it for showing field of view when I have more time. As for field flatteners and coma correction. I assumed you could take pictures without these (re gaining focus) but they would be useful in terms of improving pictures. Yep... I've looked at them but had hoped they would be a later buy if my new hobby was to take off. Some of the wide field lenses look amazing. I can't get over how big the 2" ones are! The good ones are expensive. A friend of mine suggested I look out for some 2nd hand ones at some point. Probably at the cheaper end but of course I would gradually expand my eyepiece collection. Out if interest do you/people tend to only do prime focus photography? I had assumed this was with no "lenses" apart from the telescopes main tube. I have noticed a few lenses (eyepieces) appear to have screw threads to allow for T-mount attachment. Any thoughts? That should give you an idea of where I am at... still a lot to learn about the basics! My relatively low-fi attempts at astrophotography (through a scope) as a kid involved a low quality refractor with a custom made machined adapter to hang a rather heavy Zenith IIE directly onto the eyepiece. Never did the cheap rack and pinion focuser any good! With and Alt-az mount I achieved a few ropy pictures of the moon and sun (through a cheap dark green filter - heavily advised against of course) Good learning though and always fun waiting for the 35mm film to be developed. Still have the Zenith! Love your site by the way. Looks like a wonderful location with some great kit available. Thanks again, Steve
  11. I'm sure you are right about the HEQ5. Cost will be a consideration though. I've not owned a scope in many years and I have kept putting it off as ultimately I want something with an equatorial mount and tracking (at least for piggy backing my DSLR) but I know I will get limited use out of it due to seeing, weather and time. On the other hand I frequently wish I had something available when I don't. I am sure I would get many years use out of something even if intermittently. Patience as you say is important. Had a look at the digicamcontrol software. Quite nice. A little unstable with my camera but has some nice features e.g. for timelapse although it came up with errors finding videos it had supposedly built?! Maybe a bug... something else to look into. Nice that it could take more than the 999 pictures which is the maximum in camera for interval timer shooting. On a few occasions I have had to go back and reset it so may come in useful. Wishing you luck with the weather. Steve
  12. Do love my Nikon :-) Have had many hours use out of it. Own the IR remote already and have certainly found it useful for night time photography. Usually either use that and/or timer/shutter delay. Thanks for the link to the digicamcontrol software. I'll have a play! The setup you were using with the 200P sounds heavy. Any ideas how much it weighed in total? Did you have issues with prime focus? I am still far from deciding. Looking at the HEQ5 as a possible but it would be a stretch really. FL do packages including the full goto with the HEQ5 and either the ED80 or the 200PDS. I suspect I would be hoping to go both ways at some point re: the refractor and reflector and would probably be looking at some kind of guiding in the future too so weight will be an issue. Do you have any of your Jupiter pics from your ED80 and webcam? Thanks again for your thoughts.
  13. Hi Helite, from above you may gather I already own the D5000 so that is my starting point for my sensor. It is amazing how the cost clocks up when you start looking at what is "ideal." Especially with respect to mounts. I am torn two ways... cost/heavy. That's OK for home but my seeing and direction are not great. So I will be looking at least a car journey to some darker skies, ideally would love to be able to take equipment abroad but this may be pretty unrealistic. Would this be doable with the ED80 and it's supplied case? The mount would be another issue as they are so heavy. How are you getting on with the ED80? Any photo's I could see? I will probably start off unguided but may look into this in the future. I notice from your post that you are guiding on the EQ5? I was not sure if this was only possible with the NEQ as [i think] this has a port for guiding? Or is the only difference the load they can carry? I also notice from your setup that you have a 200p as well. Do you use this on the EQ5 as well or do you have a second mount? I am currently erring towards the ED80 but wonder about observing planets. I guess with lenses you can get a reasonable [close-up?!] view of brighter objects like Jupiter, Saturn? Any thoughts? I guess I should consider posting some of these questions in separate posts! Thanks again for your replies.
  14. Thanks Ronin, I have been thinking as much as that re: the EQ5. I am aware that the Nikons are a little less desirable for AP. Shame as it's always been an aim of mine but I was attracted by the nicer glass of the Nikons when I bought into it a few years back. I am interested in general photography (holiday snaps mostly!) so have had not complaints but in hindsight from what I have read it looks like the sensors on the Canons are more suited to longer exposures too. As such I wish to start off with what I have and who knows if a really want to a look at a mod cannon or cooled CCD in the future. Re: getting one to focus with a reflector doesn't the shorter tube length of the pds help with this anyway or do people still have problems? Thanks again. Steve
  15. Thank you for your reply Rustysplit. Not heard of an intervalometer will look into it but I am familiar with using the interval timer shooting mode and have done quite a bit of timelapse photography using that. Probably a silly question but I guess the Bahtinov mask is usable on both refractors and reflectors then. As for guiding not initially and that is related to cost and the fact that it will be a new hobby to me. As such I want to start of gradually but have a sturdy starting setup that I can get good initial use out of and then add to. I have [all be it limited] experience of observational astronomy over about 30 years period but also a background and degree in physics and obs astronomy. To that end I know my interest is there and am familiar with the night sky but most of my experience is naked eye observing and wider field SLR photography but untracked. That is one thing I wish to add to my experience. Tracking my SLR on a mount with or without a telescope. (I digress!) Field of view. You say that you got on well with the 200p and the D5000. What sort of objects could you fit in? Some intial stuff I am interested in... not very original are M32 and the Pleiades. Can you get them in with a scope such as the 200P(DS)? Also (Field of view wise) how about visually. Are there any wide field lenses that would allow the Pleiades and M32 to be viewed as a whole with the focal length of the 200? I guess my temptation with the 200 is a the faster F5 and magnification for planetary observing. Thanks again in advance for any comments.
  16. Thank you all for your replies. Bit of a slow response too. Actually made a more detailed reply yesterday (via my phone) but it didn't post so keeping this short as a test... Will be back shortly via pc. Regards Steve
  17. Hi all. I am new to the forum and am looking at scopes and mounts at the moment. I am considering various skywatcher scopes. Either 150 or 200 pds reflectors or an 80ed reflector. Observing/imaging wise I am interested in dso/widefield stuff but would also like to be able to visually observe brighter planets. D5000 questions... I am aware it is not full frame and I am wondering about how this effects field of view and what objects I may be able to image with the above scopes? How easy would it be to focus? I am hoping to keep costs down a little and don't mind starting off gradually. Ideally I would like to stick to an eq 5 mount maybe without full goto/motors but would add these for imaging after familiarizing my self with the kit through visual observing. As such I am after thoughts about what the differences are in terms of tracking accuracy/smoothness between for example the heq5/6 and eq5 pro and an eq5 with motor drives bought at a later date. Could I get away with the eq5 as a starting point say with the lighter ed refractor and wider field imaging? Thanks in advance.
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