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  1. We had clear skies for the first the first time on Saturday night so I thought I would have a go at some snaps using the mobile! Despite the light pollution here in Blackpool and I was using a standard celestron 130 eq with the mobile (afocal) I was quite taken at the result. No awards I know but hey it was fun.
  2. Finaly those twinkly lights along the prom and the holiday makers have ended here in Blackpool so the night is far less light polluted and we can enjoy better viewing, that and the clock change makes it far better for me. So last night the scope was set up just before the sun went down to cool ready for after tea observing. Six thirty pm, wrapped up and off we go, first on my list Alberio, just love looking at this double with the colour contrast. M27 was the first of the M's, although visible it was still a little struggle with the amount of lightpol still around, M57 was next up, the fi
  3. Sadly this has happened lol. A while back my daughter and I joined Blackpool astonomers on one of their observing nights, propper freindly bunch and one had Hubble on a mount, I did think to myself under no circumstances must I look through it, my daughter did several times and then they turned it to M13, mmm its was like a very very strong magnet pulling me towards it and before I had realised it there I was admiring the beauty of all the resolveed stars!! A 10 nch Dobbie is on the shopping list (partly why the EP upgrade)
  4. That's a great link/ site, thanks for sharing it. I had to laugh tho, the page comes up with "Whats in Blackpool's sky tonight" yep they are up there but with all the light pol from the illuminations we have very little chance of viewing it
  5. just managed to sneak 30 mins viewing the moon to compare the old V new before the clouds rolled in, what a difference in viewing and quality, so far very impressed. Roll on the decent night to view
  6. Drove over the tops to the guys at Rother Valley Optics this morning to pick up the EP upgrades, Celestron X Cel-LX in 18mm, 12mm, 7mm and 2x barlow. Hoping tonight will give me a chance to use them but I think the clouds will win although Sunday so far looking ok. Just popped on the scope and instantly so much better than our cheaper EPs really looking forward to using them. Also had a chat about dobbies as that will be the next upgrade but even they struggled to suggest a way of hiding it from the wife
  7. Louis, you are indeed correct to a point! These are the traditional prism balast lenses, there are new designs that have in effect the same design as a spec lens where by they have thicker sides at 180 degrees to each other, see photo, these are generally a lot more stable. In fact there is now a whole host of toric lenses available from manufactures of late, they seem to doing a lot of work with the torics. At the end of the day it is what if any are suitable for the patient or if the patient is suitable for lens wear. Just a closing point, we also have OrthoK lenses, thes
  8. see below, something very weird is happening, how do I delete these two?
  9. Perhaps I can help as this is what I do on a daily basis... JOC to a certain extent has the answer! We call it mono-vision, it can be achieved either by using daily contact lenses or lazer eye surgery, Cilla Black was myopic and that's what they did for her. Not everybody can cope with it, most do. I use a daily contact lens in my right eye as that is the dominant eye and leave my left myopic (short sighted) this allows me to still use the telrad if needed and also see the stars above but also allows me to see anything close up ( I am just starting with presbyopia(needing readin
  10. I had many of those times in my early days of observation, I tried to see targets I didn't realize the LP would make it impossible. As time went on things improved and those sessions became less n less. Since getting a goto and planning (more understanding LP and what I can see) I normally have decent sessions now.
  11. Saturday 14/10/17 The session was planned on Friday night as the forcast was for clear skies, I knew the LP would be bad, that's Blackpool in the autumn for ya! In fact you don't need a torch to see what EP's you have in your hand. I had entered all the double stars into the goto so it was then a case of just going through, 7 targets in total. Andromedia was the area for the first three doubles. SAO55331 was the first, clearly split and with good views at different mags, SAO53668 was next, again good viewing at different mags, last of the three in Andromedia was SAO54138. All st
  12. Pretty much spot on, most of the dobbies I have seen are f4.7/ f5, the EPs are/ will be the X-Cel LX as you say and yep to see more and not worse. Thanks for the advise.
  13. At the moment she is set on Architecture! 7 years at uni, best get this Dobbie bought sharpish.
  14. Ok thats it, cheers guys, decesion made. Will have a look at some scopes when I nip to purchase the new EP's, then work out my masterplan in purchasing said item.
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