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  1. Thanks very much iksose I shall give it a try tonight hopefully
  2. Hi ive recently bought a eos 400 and adapter to use it in my scope which is a dobsonian 250px just wanna get some pics of the planets and the moon but I don't know anything about what setting I should use on the cam .Any Advice ??
  3. ok thank you for your advice I will give it a try
  4. yeah I just used the super 25 wide eyepiece that came with the scope I cant remove the lens from the cam don't think it comes of and if I attach the cam without an eyepiece I only see inside the scope lol
  5. I recently bought a kodax pixpro az521 digital cam which has a 52x optical zoom so thought it might be good to try and get some quick pics using it with my dodsonian 250 but not the case as I am only getting pics like the one I've shown I know nothing really about photography so am I doing something wrong or is the cam no good for astro photos ???
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  7. Hi terry and welcome to SGL
  8. Hi neural and welcome to SGL
  9. Hi Jordan and welcome to the lounge
  10. Hi kev and welcome to SGL
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